I don't want to cloud up the TDAS/TDPI talk pages with my stupidity so I'll post it here. .3.

Note: a lot of this is just crap I've heard people say and my brain being unable to make any sense of it with the crap that's been confirmed.

Ok SO. 

TDAS is confirmed to have 26 episodes and new characters. I am hearing that TDPI is the second half of TDAS and will have the new characters in it. But this is confusing because...What if the characters that debut in S5 aren't the same ones that debut in S6? If TDPI really is the second half of TDAS, why is it airing so long after S5, and why is it called S6 instead of S5.5? And was it ever really confirmed that TDPI is part two of TDAS? *panics* OR IF TDAS EVEN HAS TWO PARTS??????!?11???? 

Idk that's what goes on in my head reading the talk pages and main pages. :b

My brain's the size of a freakin walnut so pls don't yell at me. ;3; 

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