Ok so yeah I'm making a game because we are all bored and stuff so here are the rules. Nominate one contestant who you think is the best of all in TD and one who is the worst. Top 5 Best and Top 5 Worst will be selected. How to nominate? Type in Hall of Fame: (insert name here and reasons) and Hall of Shame: (insert name here and reasons). You can only nominate once and also give one vote per nomination. Please don't repeat nominations, so I suggest you vote first then nominate. Vote by agreeing for the Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame or both. E.G.: I agree for Hall of Fame or I agree for both. Voting end September 20th.

So yeah, have fun :3

I am going to repeat this: DO NOT NOMINATE SOMEBODY IF THEY ARE ALREADY NOMINATED! YOUR NOMINATION WILL NOT COUNT! However you may change the info. Thank you :3

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