Since a new season is coming very soon I thought it might be good if I gave a little analysis of the show itself now and then. Note: This is made from a neutral point of view. Also no characters will individualy recieve a critique. May also contain humor that people may not get because I am a horrible comedian.

TDI was the first seasonof the show. Basicly it was just an island and some teens that were parodies of typical strereotypes. One of the things about the show which was very interesting was that it had a balance of both reality and typical cartoony stuff (being able to survive something, yada yada you get it). It was a good 50-50 balance. However one of the things that we most loved about this show is the drama (well it is called total drama for a reason!). In the first season we had plenty of that along with romance, friendship, backstabbing and some weird stuff that just makes you laugh.

During TDA the drama was also present but it wasn't really interesting since it was actually dragged through a couple of episodes (Trent and Gwen, Duncan and Gwen, Duncan and Courtney, yada yada you get it), but there were some parts that were interesting in those episodes so not a complete drag. TDA somehow lacked something. I am still not sure if needed some really epic drama story or something to spice it up, I will leave that to the audience.

TDWT was musical (duuuh xD), which is what I approve since I am a violinist. Now before I start the analysis of the season let me just point out the music a bit. It was very well done, not only the parodies and the lyrics but the singing in the songs was very well done. Now this season brought back interest by adding 2 new faces. It had drama and romace. But what was wrong with this season? In this season you can slowly see the cartoony side rising above the reality ( zombie Zeke, Alejandrobot... try spotting the rest. If you do, you get a cookie! YAY!!!). It wasn't too noticable so I guessed people didn't mind. And of course the love drama here was probably the main story, which some people liked, some hated, lets not get into that (I really don't want another flame war happening here on the wiki... why am I even making this then? xD). However the cartoony side did start to go over the reality.

TDROTI now here we see the domination of the cartoon side. It is no longer equal, it was just cartoony (don't get me wrong I love cartoony stuff xD). This might be one of the main reasons why most fans weren't all impressed with this season (If I am wrong about this sowwy). Most fans of the show are teens. Another thing that I noticed in this season was the lack of bleeps. Yes you heard me... bleeeeeeps. Everyone finds it funny when someone starts swearing but you have no idea what they are saying! I really hope they bring them back. And this season didn't really have a main story. Unlike other seasons where we have a story that develops through out the season, here there wasn't a specific one, there were just little stories that went on in about 2 episodes and then done. maybe Mike's was a developing one.

So I really hope that TDAS goes back to the equality of the both reality and cartoony side. Because that is what we love about this cartoon. And it needs to go back to it's original audience, the teens. Because I feel like this cartoon is now not so... teenish? Yeah lets go with that, not so teenish anymore.


Your best friend, Mila

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