Hey everyone what's up? So you may have noticed that my activity here is pretty low. I am kind of juggling college along with a webcomic project I am doing with a friend so I am pretty busy ;.; Since everyone here is looking for what to do I thought I might post this little blog with links to some tutorials I made a long time ago. They are pretty simple and should help you understand the TD art style a bit more. 

Female body, proportions and base:

Note: I just realized that I never included the picture for larger female body type that is used for Sugar and Staci, oops. I basicly use the same base as in 2 but with wider circles. You can also do it with body type 3 but with a wider circle for wider female characters, whichever looks cuter to you c: 

Male body, proportiosn and base:

Head bases:


That would be all :D Have any questions? Leave them in the commentes c:

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