Hello everyone!

About a month or more I posted a little piece of fan art on tumblr that was a Coderra pic in anime style and joked around how if I got 100 notes I would animate it. The next day, I got 120 notes. So enough with the backstory.

I have finished the storyboard part and before I can proceed to the animatic I will need a japanese translator and a VA for Sierra. My knowledge of the japanese language is limited and I wouldn't even dare to use Google Translate for a serious project.

Even though the actual animation stage will begin sometime during the summer when I have free time, I would like to get the lines and animatic done while I am on spring break.

If you are ineterested in helping please leave a comment or notify me on my deviantART or tumblr. If you can't help at least spread the message around!



UPDATE: I found a translator. Anyone who is interested in voicing Sierra can find some info here

Also another info for anyone who is auditioning to voice Sierra. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SOUND EXACTLY LIKE HER. Just be hyper!

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