So I've been getting this question so many times I thought it might be fun just to let people know how to start animating on a blog (no worries it will be short). However I won't tell you how to exactly animate something, that would take too much time, but if you are eager to learn and sadly have no where to learn, best resource is YouTube ^^ Animation like Total Drama is called flash animation which is made with the program called Adobe Flash. This is a good program to start with however there is a cheeeper one called Anime Studio, it has less quality but good for starters. If you want to learn how to animate a specific move I would suggest trying to find a gif file or maybe a video and slowing the animation down so you can see the movements c: But you can always record even yourself doing something and slow it down to examin it.

Well that's how to start of, and from there you will just have to experiment. If anyone needs to ask about something specific, message, comment or just ask me on the chat, when I am on ;)

PS: Hope this is ok with the admins? c:

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