Thought i might make this blog post to tell you why I haven't been as much as before. Well since June is near and so is summer vacation, next week (or the week after that) my exams are starting and I really need to study. I have 9 exams, all of them are music exams (did i forget to tell anyone that I go to a musical high school?) and I have about 60 questions to memorize for 3 exams. These exams are really hard (one of them even lasts for 2 hours) so most of my time is spent on studying now and less on drawing, animation, composing and internet... I hope I don't get demote as a CM because of this (because I make sure to also edit 2 times a month by the minimum, but it's actually most of the time 2 times a week) so just letting everyone know. See yah all in June and don't forget me :D I promice i will be more active then XD

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