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  • Pinkbye

    TD art style tutorials

    April 30, 2015 by Pinkbye

    Hey everyone what's up? So you may have noticed that my activity here is pretty low. I am kind of juggling college along with a webcomic project I am doing with a friend so I am pretty busy ;.; Since everyone here is looking for what to do I thought I might post this little blog with links to some tutorials I made a long time ago. They are pretty simple and should help you understand the TD art style a bit more. 

    edit: old post with broken links. The tutorials are gone, sorry.

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  • Pinkbye

    Even more art!

    July 19, 2014 by Pinkbye


    I wanted to post these jems here a loong time ago. Since it is the end of TDPI I thought I might do it today c: I know I know, I should do more TDPI art but will an animated Ella do? I think she will c: Comment what you think and recommened a next mini character animation or drawing. 

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  • Pinkbye

    Just some art

    May 5, 2014 by Pinkbye

    Some art! It's sorta my line called TD Portraits, idk why I called it like that. All of this was done on Paint Tool Sai. More are to come, so suggest a character! It can be from any generation. Enjoy ^^

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  • Pinkbye

    Hello everyone!

    About a month or more I posted a little piece of fan art on tumblr that was a Coderra pic in anime style and joked around how if I got 100 notes I would animate it. The next day, I got 120 notes. So enough with the backstory.

    I have finished the storyboard part and before I can proceed to the animatic I will need a japanese translator and a VA for Sierra. My knowledge of the japanese language is limited and I wouldn't even dare to use Google Translate for a serious project.

    Even though the actual animation stage will begin sometime during the summer when I have free time, I would like to get the lines and animatic done while I am on spring break.

    If you are ineterested in helping please leave a comment or notify me on my devian…

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  • Pinkbye

    So It's my Birthday!

    March 27, 2014 by Pinkbye


    But seriously today i am turning 18. Wow 18 years old. So i am now an adult! Time goes on so fast ;.;

    I wanted to post some of my art here but I couldn't deside which pics to post so i am just gonna leave a link to my dA gallery and you people can comment what you think of it here if you can't there c:

    I would like to thank everyone here for all the support on my animations and other stuff as well. 

    Love yah people ^^

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