Remember how on Christian's blog Tom McGills said they were forced to break up Duncan and Courtney? Well let's look at this. Cartoon Network pratically OWNS Total Drama now. Who ordered 26 more episodes? Them. Teletoon couldn't give 2 fladoodles about this show because they would have ended it after TDROTI, because they know when to END a show (6teen). But Cartoon Network runs on shows much longer then they should. Anyway, off topic. Duncan and Courtney were broken up due to Cartoon Network's orders to break them up so they don't convince children that relationships work that way. So especially since CN owns majority of the show, they could've done the same things to our three favorite pairings - Scottney, Gwuncney (It's a friendship, but still- i'll explain later), and Gwuncan. N

Now you may ask- "oh why bother putting in Scottney if they were just gonna break them up 5 episodes later"

Well because Tom McGills and Jennifer Persch and the new main directors know that we like that about the show. So they added it in even if they realized that they knew that they were going to break up 5 episodes later. And Gwuncan is a similar fashion, except they were together before the season started.

Now Gwentney also ended because the producers are lazy and couldn't find a way for her to break up with Scott and still be friends with Gwen at and the same time couldn't find a way to create drama. 

Think about it. Owen/Izzy. Gone. Lindsay didn't mention Tyler in episode 1 because the producers don't want to bring it up. Gwen/Duncan. Gone. Duncan/Courtney. Gone. 

Same with TDROTI. Ask me why Jock isn't canon, and the only reason Sam/Dakota is accepted by CN is because Dakota is a mutant and isn't a real relationship from real life.

Mike/Zoey is such a typical and bland couple with no real backstory, that they were aloud to keep it in. Aleheather I have no clue why they were able to keep this in but I love the fact that they did. So Aleheather was an exception, but CN could be a reason why Aleheahter only had focus in No One Eggspects.

Majority of the original relationships are done with on the show. See what I mean by when I say, I think Cartoon Network is to blame for the series downfall. 

R.I.P. Total Drama 


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