The definition of "floater" is someone who does absoultely nothing, wins abosultely nothing, is not interesting and just wants to float to the end.

22. Ezekiel

Ezekiel was TERRIBLE at the game. He was eliminated first(shocker), because of his sexist remarks about women. However, not only did he say that, but he also SUCKED at the challenges. And what a surprise, he gets invited back to World Tour, and goes out first AGAIN due to sucking at the challenge.

21. Eva

This one is a no-brainer. Eva did pretty well in the challenges, but she couldn't keep her the mouth shut and her temper problems were way too visible. I feel like she could've gotten far if she could control her temper.

20. Justin

Maybe I made a mistake. I should've swapped Eva with Justin because, at least Eva was GOOD AT THE CHALLENGES. Justin is the ultimate floater in TDI, and Heather seemed to be the only one that noticed that, so she clipped him. BEST. IDEA. EVER. This guy was not only EXTREMELY boring, but he never did anything to shake up the game. He wasn't good at challenges, and he was MUCH better in Action.

19. Noah

Again, yet another floater that SUCKS IN CHALLENGES. Hell, he refused to participate in the Dodgeball challenge, thus leading up to his elimination. 

18. Katie

This girl is the definition of a floater. She never did anything but squeal and make my ears bleed with her fat friend. Also, she was the 5th eliminated out of 22. In Big Brother stats, that's pre-jury right there.

17. Sadie

The only reason this girl is higher than Katie is because she managed to last longer than her. She, like her friend, is the ultimate floater, who can't do anything but cry and moan about how her friend is gone. How was she eliminated, you say? Courtney clipped her. COURTNEY! Out of all people, she gets clipped by Courtney. Wow. Why did Courtney clip her? Because she was a total idiot and volunteered to chuck the crab apples in a challenge and utterly failed at it. Enough said about this chick.

16. Tyler

What is with all of these floaters that can't win any challenges? *sigh* Anyways, this kid sucked at everything he did and tried to start a showmance with Lindsay, someone on the opposite team(idiot). He was eliminated on Episode 7 after not being able to touch a chicken. Wooooowwwww....

15. Cody

Pssshhh, at least this kid tried. Unlike the other idiot floaters on this list. I'm not gonna call him a floater, only because he actually tried to do things, he failed....very badly..but he tried. Anyways, he get eliminated after being mauled by a bear which either A. Had to have killed him or B. Had to have killed after the amount of blood-loss. Somehow, he's not automatically eliminated, and their still has to be a vote. Okay, we were shown with Cameron that no voting was necessary, so why the hell did Cody have to wait?

14. Trent

Boring. As. Hell. Okay, yeah, he had a showmance with Gwen. It sucked. He was not a floater, however. He did a lot for his team and ultimately played a great game. If he wasn't a giant snoozefest, maybe he'd be a bit higher. Props to Heather for clipping him.

13. Owen

Ah, yes. Owen. The winner. If he won, how is he this low? I'll tell you how. HE WAS THE ABSOLUTE STUPIDEST, FATTEST, MOST IDIOTIC FLOATER  I'VE EVER SEEN. This guy literally sucked at everything, just voted with his guy friends, farted a lot, and floated to the end where he eventually won somehow. I would've prefered that Gwen had won in America. Ugh.

12. Beth

This girl ROCKED. She threw a challenge JUST TO TRY AND GET HEATHER OUT OF THE GAME. Granted, it was because she personally disliked Heather, but still, the fact that she tried to get out a huge target SO BADLY is definitely good gameplay. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to take out Heather and she was eliminated in Episode 10. It was sad seeing her go, because she was definitely really good at the game.

11. DJ

Well, um..he wasn't bad at the game. But he also wasn't good. The thing that makes him higher on the list is that he alligned himself with the right people, but with Beth, she only had Lindsay on her side. He was a bit of a floater for the first half of the show, by outright refusing to compete in the first challenge, but he grew stronger and managed to do really well in competitions. He had a strong alliance, and wasn't even voted out. He was given the boot due to being the worst at the Horror challenge. He will always be missed.

10. Geoff

This guy was not only a big floater, but he really screwed up when he didn't vote out Bridgette with the guys. However, his showmance with Bridgette was honestly a really good move for his game. He managed to stay under the radar and he was only eliminated because everyone wanted the nice guy gone. RIP

9. Harold

Honestly, he was really good at the game. He won a TON of challenges for his team, and he almost won the challenge that got him eliminated. He also got Courtney out, but he had to rig the votes in order to do so. But it was a smart move, considering Duncan and Courtney's showmance. 

8. Bridgette

Now we're getting to the challenge beasts. Bridgette was ultimately a GREAT competitor. Her showmance with Geoff put her under the radar until 2 weeks after the Merge. Basically, she was doing really bad in the Hide 'n Seek challenge and Duncan really wanted her gone. She was ultimately eliminated, but she was and to this day will be missed.

7. Lindsay

She really did allign herself with the right person. She stayed under the radar, and the only reason she was eliminated is because Heather won the challenge and didn't give her the invincibility to stay. She FLIPPED OUT at the end of that episode and called Heather out for all the terrible things she's done. This moment made Lindsay a fan-favorite.

6. Izzy

This girl was really good at the game. She may seem crazy, but she's got some mad skills. She was kicked off in the early episodes but rejoined with Eva later on. She managed to fly under the radar for most of the time, but was ultimately clipped by Heather towards the end. Oh yeah, she also had a showmance with Owen.

5. Leshawna

A fan-favorite to the end. Her game was sassy, bold, and very strategized. She might've been able to eliminate Heather if she hadn't been accidentally voted out by the previously eliminated campers. She was safe for so long and was absolutely nobody's target. Not even Heather's. Great player overall. 

4. Gwen

An absolute GREAT Total Drama player. She managed to win in various countries, but she also took down Heather. Major props to this girl for doing so well in her first season. Forget the others ones she was in, she SUCKED in those. Focus on this one, she was great here.

3. Duncan

The puppet master of Season 2 himself. He manipulated EVERYONE in Season 2. But, we're talking about Season 1. He did pretty good in Island. He flew under the radar, got Bridgette out of the game, and formed a great alliance. He also had a strong showmance AND was a beast at challenges. He elimination was done by none other than Heather herself.

2. Courtney

As much hate as this girl gets, she ROCKED. She was a great manipulator, and she had a showmance with the king Duncan. Not much else to say.

And the best TDI player of all time is........................

1. Heather

OH MY GOD. This girl was SOOO good at this game. She manipulated and clipped SOOO many people it was ridiculous. She clipped...hmm...










anndddd Geoff.

Yeesh. That's a lot of people. I think that says it all.

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