• PiggyPlayz

    The definition of "floater" is someone who does absoultely nothing, wins abosultely nothing, is not interesting and just wants to float to the end.

    22. Ezekiel

    Ezekiel was TERRIBLE at the game. He was eliminated first(shocker), because of his sexist remarks about women. However, not only did he say that, but he also SUCKED at the challenges. And what a surprise, he gets invited back to World Tour, and goes out first AGAIN due to sucking at the challenge.

    21. Eva

    This one is a no-brainer. Eva did pretty well in the challenges, but she couldn't keep her the mouth shut and her temper problems were way too visible. I feel like she could've gotten far if she could control her temper.

    20. Justin

    Maybe I made a mistake. I should've swapped Eva with Jus…

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