give me characters so i can give thoughts on them.

basically this blog is just for me to collect all my thoughts on characters here for safekeeping. basically like my old blog (not linking mine cuz it was deleted thnx admins). but anyways ya just give me people to do ok lol. i didn't know who to start with so i'm gonna leave it up to you guys. was this whole paragraph filler? yes. but anyways please suggest ppl now... thnx. also this will be ft. good grammar so!! yay.

Tyler (suggested by: ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy)

Tyler the Gummy Man
While being a popular figure on this site, I cannot say that I am the biggest fan of Tyler. Do I like him? Of course. There's not much to dislike (or like..) but he seems to gain attention by doing what his characters purpose was to be, straightforward and charming. He acheives this goal easily. 

In Total Drama Island, his purpose is obviously to be fodder. He is rarely important and does not bring much substance, aside from a couple of cheap laughs with slapstick comedy or whatever. It's amusing at times but it's not enough to make Tyler a showstopping or notable character that I felt like I was missing anything from when he left. I guess, the point I'm trying to get across is, while other fodders in Total Drama are useless, they have more identifiable gimmicks with me that I can relate to or find ironic or hilarious. Tyler's gimmick is not that interesting to me because I am not a jock, and I don't particularly think slapstick is that funny. Do I dislike Tyler? Of course not. He had some funny moments, mostly revolving his relationship with Lindsay, which I'll get into now.

Undoubtedly, I feel like Tyler gets a little special attention for being the sweetheart of the notorious fan favorite, pictured on the right. Do I think that it's all undeserved? Well, no, they are a couple and they delivered a lot when they had their moments together. Lindsay specifically shines in this relationship, but that's not to mean Tyler doesn't serve his role aswell. I, personally was never a big fan of Lyler but it never bothered me enough to actually hate it. It delivered some moments like "that's interesting" and Lindsay confusing other people for Tyler, although that shtick got sick after a long while, it's still funny.
Moving onto his World Tour incarnation, I think people were looking forward to Tyler to become a prominent character, because if I know anything about the Total Drama fandom, they love to see minor characters back and actually important (see: Dawn, Samey, Noah (before RR), and Eva). Tyler was a lot more fun in this season than Island cause (obviously) he got more screentime and became a more prominent character. He was a strong MORP presence that offered a lot more comedy and I think that his relationship with Lindsay was way more fleshed out than it was in their first season, which was amazing. Though, despite Tyler being a fun character, his jokes felt kind of hit and miss for me sometimes, like I stated earlier, while his humor is funny sometimes, I didn't enjoy that his whole character is pretty much a dumb jock slapstick ft. hot blonde girlfriend. It's just not my type of character. Overall I think that Tyler is likable in his own right but I could never truly be fully on board with the Tyler train just because of the fact that I don't find the point of his character that enjoyable. 

Overall his grade is a C+.

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