18. LARPers: First of all, I thought giving Leonard a second chance was a really nice idea but it didn't work out well. I saw no change whatsoever in Leonard from Pahkitew Island since he's still a fake wizard who doesn't understand the real world. Additionally they only appeared in two episodes so I can't really rank them high due to their lack of screentime and development. Sorry Leonard but you wasted your chances.

17. Geniuses: They are wasted potential to me. I thought they would make it at least half way through the race but no. Firstly Ellody is a Courtney clone to me since they have similar voices. In episode one she was annoyed at the fashion bloggers which I thought might lead somewhere but it didn't. Mary doesn't even talk until her elimination episode where she acted similar to Ellody.

Mickey brown bag
16. Adversity Twins: 11 episodes too many. No development. Nothing. All Jay did was explain their allergies while Mickey suffered. That's all I can think of when I talk about these two. They were so boring to me and should've got eliminated within the first few episodes. They barely interacted with the other contestants apart from their 12 second alliance with the sisters.

Daters now haters
15: Haters/Daters: First 5 episodes: TDA Geoff and Bridgette 2.0. All they did was make out and Stephanie would occasionally show her "angry" side. Then episode 7 came along and things started to get interesting. Tension happened between them and things actually went somewhere but it got old quickly. Episode 8 and they break up. I'm starting to see some plot. Episode 10/12: BORED ALREADY. Their constant biccering and fighting makes this team so far down. It was mostly the same with them for FIFTEEN EPISODES. I might as well say Sundae Muddy Sundae was good. The best thing was their elimination which was cute as they returned to being the daters.

Vegans Eliminated
14. Veggie heads: They were definitely interesting. Especially in episodes 5 and 6. It's just it ended so suddenly. Laurie's temper could've got somewhere. Both of them could've became carnivores. Nope. Miles' stupid idea to make both parts of the costume cost them their plot, development and elimination. I'm sorry to all the Vegan fans out there but I just see them as wasted potential like the geniuses.

13. Stepbrothers:
Tumblr nv60drPX381th6h6ko1 500
"STEPBROTHERS! STEPBROTHERS! WE'RE THE STEPBROTHERS! YEAH!" That song was annoying. End of. These two weren't the worst team that biccered (congrats daters) but it was all they did for 12 episodes. Why couldn't their plot end in 6/7 episodes? Interesting things happened in episodes 5 and 7 but it was short term and they still fought. They were ok when they were friends but they were seriously dumb which annoyed me.

Kelly sick of taylor
12. Mom and Daughter: Taylor was a horrible daughter. She was such a spoiled brat and mistreats Kelly so badly. I liked Kelly as a character as she wasn't soft or quiet. She actually said her opinions and stuff and was mostly positive despite Taylor. These two ended on a happy note which is why they are 12th on my list. Their plot was predictable but nice at the same time. Plot twist at episode 8 was great even though it was obvious she wasn't good at everything. Glad to see the bonded.

11. Best Friends: Things changed with these two. Episode 1: One of my favourite teams. Seemed great and looked like potential finalists. Episodes 2-7: Plot starts to take action. Carrie loves Devin but Devin is obsessed with Shelley. Still liked the team at the time. Episode 3 was kinda annoying when Devin said that Carrie's drawing was "too realistic". Is he related to Zoey? Episodes 8-12: Things start to get repetitive as Carrie still goes on about how much she loves Devin while Devin is optimistic and doesn't notice anything. Carrie goes on about how she's going to tell Devin she loves him but keeps messing up. Episode 13: Plot twist incoming. Most of the episode Carrie tries to tell Devin how she feels but Devin completely ignores her. But then Shelley breaks up with Devin. Go get him Carrie! Episodes 14-18: So more stuff happens which delays the potential new couple. Devin has to go through the SEVEN stages of breakup. GREAT! 5 MORE EPISODES. This team is starting to annoy me although I liked "Goth Devin" in episode 17. Episode 19: Devin said he loves Carrie. Carrie said she's over Devin. MAJOR PLOT TWIST AND ROLE REVERSAL. Team starts to go up on my like factor! Episodes 20-24: Is Devin an accident magnet? Everytime he tries to say he loves Carrie, something bad happens from falling off a train to getting hot tea spilling on his kiwis. JUST SAY YOU LOVE HER. I want a happy ending between these two which happened until...

Kitty pushed him off a cliff and got them eliminated. THAT'S IT! I'M DONE! LETS MOVE ON!

Tennis Rivals Mocking
10: Tennis Rivals: I actually liked these two. They seemed like strong competitors that would've gone far if they didn't mess up. Episode 3 was their best episode with their jokes which made me laugh (my favourite was the veggie heads one). They also messed up when they tried to follow the Vegans which didn't work out well, sleeping in the taxi (I don't blame them) or the fact that they can't move cheese faster than a snail. Too bad they had little camera time.

Pros clue brazil
9: Reality TV Pros: Like most people, I was excited to see Owen and Noah returning as a team due to their popularity in TDWT. However I don't they were the centre of attention as I see them as part of the sisters' plotline. Nemma was a cute couple that thankfully didn't end up like Skave. Unfortunately Noah wasn't sarcastic which is what ranked these two down. Owen has improved though as he's more grown up and matured. These two got their laughs and they were eliminated at the right time.

8: Fashion Bloggers: Can I please get a fez hat asap? Seriously, these two were great. They were a bit like Linday except less dumb. I really liked these two in the seven episodes they were in. They made me laugh like when Jen sacrifed her hair to the water for the clothing or when they ride a yacht with a prince. These two were eliminated early and had a chance to develop. Their short plot in episode 7 was their cause of elimination but I'm glad it ended on a happy note.

Dwayne found Junior
7. Dwayne and Junior: These two were great. At first I was happy with their elimination but I really missed them. I will admit I disliked Dwayne on the first few episodes because of his stupidity or offensive comments but their overall plot and personality was great. I liked their Finding Nemo type story in episode 12 which really brought them closer and make them a much better team or in episode 15 where Dwayne was worried that Junior didn't find him cool.

Rockers out
6. Rockers: To start with, I wasn't too happy with this team in the first group of episodes. Rock was a very likeable guy who wanted to win but Spud was a lazy, rude and selfish person who was a waste of air. But episode 10 hit and things got good. Rock wanted Spud to help him out more but sadly didn't work so Rock used choco-oinks (great name) to control Spud which he soon realised was wrong. These two instantly improved as they came first place in episode 11 and I was so happy for them. Spud's delayed reaction was funny too. These two went from hated to loved for me and it's gonna stay that way.

Surfers scream
5. Surfers: These two were the best bromance boys Total Drama has ever seen. I don't care if Brody was similar to Geoff in personality. I don't care if they returned and became finalists. These two brought entertainment and that's all I care about. I was so hyped to see Geoff return and even more hyped when they brought back TDI Geoff! I guess relationships change characters. I just simply loved these two from their dumb moments to their touching moments to their silly statements. Bros forever!

4. Goths: I can understand why these two are overrated but I DON'T CARE. At first I thought the goths were fodder. I thought they would get eliminated in episode 7 as they didn't seem finale material. Episode 3 came and Ennui finally spoke and it was pure gold! "Do you wanna look alive in this?" "I've never been so happy". Things get better in episode 5 when Crimson talks. "I could pee myself." "You just did." These two talking is good enough. Interesting things happened in Transylvania as they did something in the coffin (I don't even what they did that could've been worth it). They also smiled! Then it goes back to emotionless as they enter Hawaii. Episode 11 was great as we finally see them without their makeup. And then they turn into "Super Goths" which was hilarious and weird. #nightmareswithdonforever! Loki was introduced which spiced things up and created a one-sided hatred with the Ice Dancers on their side. Overall this team was the funniest and I hope they stay goth forever.

3. Sisters: The top 3 teams were very close. I was struggling to see who was better. This team was amazing. Kitty was an awesome, playful girl who wanted to see the world with her sister. Emma went through a lot of changes from being serious and focused to lovestruck and obsessive to eventually motivating and an awesome sister. These two really were really awesome and I was routing for them along with the cadets (talk about them later) when it was the final 5.

IceDancers RR Rank
2. Ice Dancers: The smiling silvertons. These two were amazing antagonists. One was a crazy girl who got into tantrums if she didn't get first and one was a huge sissy that followed his partner and lead his team to success. Firstly I wasn't too happy with this team as they always cared about being 1st and somehow ended up in the top three. Episode 8 came and these two became simply awesome. Their bad luck was funny and their 4th place streak was hilarious. In episode 9, as soon as Don said they were 4th, I thought uh oh because Josee would go mental. When they turned to the dark side in episode 12 things seriously heated up as they became the official antagonists of the system. They cheated a lot but that's what bad guys do. Their rivalry with the Cadets was astounding and my favourite highlight of the season. Their defeat of getting 3rd place was the perfect karma. I just don't understand why they are so hated. My favourite moment of the season was when Josee said Jacques should "EAT THE PAIN! And smile".

Narwhal helps cadets
1: Cadets: I. LOVED. THESE. TWO. They two were easily my favourite picks for the best team in the ridonculous race. MacArthur was amazing with her bad cop attitude, bossiness and the fact that she's a freakin' cop. Sanders was the good cop that followed the rules and was pushed around by MacArthur for 22 episodes. I already talked about their rivalry with the Dancers. What really made this team my number one pick was the development after episode 22. MacArthur realised that she has been pushing Sanders around for too long and makes her in charge of team decisions. MacArthur saving her mortal enemy, Josee, in episode 25 was shocking but shows that these two are not the bad guys. These two are the true winners to me and definitely deserved to win the million more than the other 17 teams.

Thanks for taking your time to read this <3

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