Now to some of ya'll who read my Courtney vs Duncan blog, i place them on how some characters are align. Well since i got nothing better to do, let me show you guys how i place some of the other characters in the series. For more info on the alignments, go to tvtropes.



Lawful Evil throughout the series

Chef HatchetEdit


Lawful Evil at times, Lawful Neutral when he is fighting against Chris

Heather (Overall- 37th/1st Gen 18th)Edit

I am not crazy I just bald

TDI- Neutral Evil

TDA- Chaotic Neutral

TDWT- Chaotic Neutral

TDR- Chaotic Evil

TDAS- Chaotic Evil mix Neutral Evil

Gwen (Overall- 8th/1st Gen 5th)Edit

Australia gwen eliminated

TDI-TDWT: Neutral Good

TDAS: Chaotic Good

Beth (Overall- 18th/1st Gen 10th)Edit

Neutral Good in TDI and TDA

Cameron (Overall- 29th/2nd Gen 5th)Edit

Backstabbers Ahoy (10)

TDR- Neutral Good

TDAS- Lawful Good, Chaotic Good (Zeke and Ye Shall Find)

Mike (Overall- 39th/1st Gen 10th)Edit

File:Mike and personalities about to push reset button.png As Mike/Manitoba- Lawful Good

As Vito- Chaotic Good

As Mal- Neutral Evil

Justin (Overall- 41st/1st Gen 20th)Edit

TDI- N/A (too damn minor)

TDA- Neutral Evil/ Chaotic Evil mix

Alejandro (Overall- 21st/1st Gen 13th)Edit


TDWT- Neutral Evil

TDAS- Neutral Evil, Chaotic Neutral when up against Mal

Little Red BoringHood (Overall- 38th/2nd Gen 9th)Edit

TDR: Lawful Good, Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral as Commando Zoey TDAS: Lawful Good

Scott (Overall- 43rd/2nd Gen 11th)Edit

Scott Trauma Chair Full View

TDR- Chaotic Evil

TDAS- Chaotic Neutral

Sierra (Overall- 52nd/1st Gen 25th)Edit


TDWT- Chaotic Neutral

TDAS- Neutral Good

Izzy (Overall- 4th/1st Gen 3rd)Edit


Chaotic Good the entire series

Shawn (Overall- 5th/3rd Gen 2nd)Edit

TDPI- Chaotic Good

Jasmine (Overall- 26th/1st Gen 7th)Edit


TDPI- Lawful Good

Sky (Overall- 25th/3rd Gen 6th)Edit

Sheriff sky

TDPI- Lawful Good

Bridgete (Overall- 13th/1st Gen 8th)Edit

Lawful good the entire series

Brick (Overall- 12th/2nd Gen 2nd)Edit

TDR-Lawful Good

Max (Overall- 53rd/3rd Gen 13th)Edit


Self proclaim Neutral Evil, more like Chaotic Neutral to me

Scarlett (Overall- 14th/3rd Gen 4th)Edit


TDPI: Behave either Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good but Neutral Evil in reality

Sugar (Overall- 30th/3rd Gen 9th)Edit

TDPI: Chaotic Neutral at first, then Chaotic Evil

Noah (Overall- 2nd/1st Gen 1st)Edit


TDI- Lawful Neutral

TDWT- Lawful Good

Lightning (Overall- 16th/2nd Gen 3rd)Edit


TDR- Chaotic Neutral at first with mixed pure neutral but later Chaotic Evil

TDAS- Chaotic Neutral

Jo (Overall- 34th/2nd Gen 6th)Edit


Spend most of the time Lawful Evil

Owen (Overall- 20th/1st Gen 6th)Edit


TDI- Chaotic Good

TDA- Neutral Good at first, later Lawful Evil

TDWT- Lawful Good

Eva (Overall- 20th/1st Gen 12th)Edit

TDI- Chaotic Evil, after that Chaotic Neutral

Amy (Overall- 27th/3rd Gen 8th)Edit


TDPI: Neutral Evil i guess

Zeke (Overall- 42nd/1st Gen 21st)Edit

TDWT and TDR- Chaotic Neutral TDAS- Chaotic Evil

Mildred (Overall- 40th/1st Gen 19th)Edit

Blaineley's Fat Body

TDWT- Lawful Evil

Dave (Overall- Dead last/3rd Gen 14th)Edit

Too damn hard to think where this annoying guy is placed at.


Majority of them are mostly Lawful Good or pure Neutral