Here's me again, writing something i dont normally do. Read the epilogue of Naruto last night andi got some crazy ideas of what might happen to some TD's cast many years later.

Note: will have some Xovers with 6teen and Stoked.

Al- Married Heather. The time he spend in the Drama Machine had made him pity other people with "lava incident" and so he become a doctor specialised in putting these people in Drama Machines. As a result of his "lava incident" he had become sterile meaning no baby Al.

Cody- Move to Japan as a desperate attempt to get away from Sierra. Married a girl there (who resembles a pink version of Gwen) and he become a mangaka. -ttebayo. Also involve in creating crazy gadgets.

Harold- Got acquainted with Darth Mall and together they direct space movies starring themselves. All of them receive negative review except one. Married Leshawna and have tripletts: Napoleon, Kip and Rico

Bridgette- Had a rematch with Finn McCloud and she won 2nd place in World Surfing Champion. 1st place goes to Jenn Masterson. Married Geoff and have a daughter named Moon, who prefers to be alone, and a son name Doug who is a party guy like his dad. Currently trying to find her lost husband, calling Shawn to help her.

Trent: Was married to Caitlin Cook and currently dating Wyatt's ex-GF, Marlowe. Become famous for his guitar playing and is currently writing his 4th album

Duncan: After getting into prison (not juvie) for the upteenth time when he is only 19 years old (this time he was caught for public nudity, AGAIN), Duncan finally received a pardon, providing he join the army for a special ops assignment. Duncan went many missions, shaved his mohawk and was discharged due to an injury. Married Jen Masterson (whom he states reminded him of two annoying girls) and the couple have a daughter named Ellie, a skater/archery pro who love to tease her uncles. Duncan follow his family footsteps and become a private detective though he rather sit at home getting drunk than working (he is good at what he does though).

K&S: Become co-owners of the Khaki Barn's 6th branch. Both are married and their husband are some the guys Caitlin once dated.

DJ- Formerly worked as a Rent-A-Cop with Ron as his mentor. Fired due to obvious reasons. He now work at WWF in order to save wildlife. Married Jasmine (Leshawna's friend)

Gwen: Finally forgives Duncan 5 years after TDAS but went their seperate ways. Become a horror movie director and even wrote a few horror books. Formerly married to Stone (Nikki's ex-bf in 6teen) and is currently a single mother of 3 kids.

Courtney: Divorced 3 times. Has a child from third marriage named Rachel. Become a lawyer but had her license taken away after losing in a case for the first time and she went amok. Currently in prison for assaulting the same judge who is ironically Tom, the cameraman for her audition. Can be heard screaming F*** you Gwen/Duncan/Scott many times in her cell

Heather: Marries Al. She take pitiy in bald people and become a hairstylist with Anne Maria as her favourite couple. Was pissed when Alejandro cannot help her to "spread their legacy."

Lindsay/Tyler: Got married with Lindsay being a kindergarten teacher and Tyler is the new coach/manager at the Penalty Box after Coach Halder retired to become a figure skater. They have a son name Kyle who is a martial arts expert but forgetful like his mother and a daughter name Rose who is mischevous. Note: They almost forget their babies after the labour.

Geoff: Went missing. Last seen partying on a crusie ship while Bridgette is in her compettition. Probably stranded on some island drinking rum or talking to a coconut

Scott: He and Fang ended up in a TV series that is similar to Tom and Jerry and eventually, they become WaterWorld entertainers. Marries Caitlin's rival, Tricia who he states reminded him of someone bossing him around in the past. They have a son named Fred who act like Tarzan.

Izzy: When the RCMP harass her again, she found a way to stop them from following her, join them as Agent Iz. She also continue her acting role. Next she is to star in some sort of cat superhero movie. Married and has 4 children. The first child is Kaleidoscope

Justin: Become a Greeter God for a branch of Albatross & Finch

Mike/Zoey: Got married after high school. Mike is now a psychiatrist specialize in MPDs while Zoey is into lingerie fashion. Have 4 children, all name after Mike's good personalities. PS: All their children are very hairy.

Lightning: Work at the Penalty Box for a while before he fired for challenging Tyler to a wrestling match and lost because of Tyler's badluck somehow saved him. Currently a high school coach. Married and has a son name Bolt

Max: After acquring an evil lab (the school's lab), Max tries to recruit a few minions (students), but when they refused, he blow their minds off (give them F's). His plans to take over the world (pranking the school/town) are always foiled by Agent that looks like a platypus (the school principal). His height never change and is living with two witches (his wife (forced marriage by his mother) and his mother-in-law).

Brick - After military school is done, Brick work as a Rent-a-cop for a while before working at Heather's hair stylist. (Dont worry he is not gay unlike the next guy). Currently dating Heather's sister.

Topher: He marries the cowboy from 6teen after they ended up in a BrokeBack Mountain like situation. Work at the salesman at a clothes department where very little guys visit as he sometimes sexually make a move on them and use words like "Buttercream" and "Croc Skin"

Dawn: Used to work at Vegan Island with Jude's ex-gf, Starr who she become close like sisters. Also star in her own show call The Love Guru-tess. Married to some guy who think he was kidnap by Sasquatchanakwa

Dakota/Sam: After undergoing medication after medication, Dakota has finally recover but her superstrength remains and her father went bankrupt. She manage to regain her father's hotel and other property eventually. Sam become close friends with Harold who gave him a job as special effect for his movies. Dakota and Sam got married and had 3 children, Peach, Link, and Samus.

Staci: Started a show called How I Met My Hubby, telling the stories of how she met her husband, detailing non related events even before they met 9 years prior.

Big O: He become a food inspector and also the minister for the triple wedding of Mike/Zoey, Jonesey/Nikki and  Finn/Reef. Lives on his own private yacht after he hit gold at Las Vegas.

Sierra, Dave, Leonard: All went to a mental hospital but Sierra was released after a few months and marries a doctor who resembles Cody. Dave continue to draw sketches on the wall. Some involves him and Sky getting married, while some has him strangling her. Leonard's still belief that he is a wizard to the point he tries to do a leviate spell by jumping off the Toronto Tower. Luckily he was saved and was sent to the asylum.

Eva, Sky, Jo: All three compete in the Olympics. Sky 3 gold medals for hurdle race, 10 000m race and swimming and also several silvers. Eva  won gold for weightlifting and silver for female wrestling, defeating Jo with an injured arm. Jo only wins two silver, one for water polo and another for trampoline

Shawn: Overcome his fear of zombies 3 years after the last Total Drama season. Become a police officer but only for a day after the police station he worked at was destroy by an angry mob who wear zombie and raccoon masks. He then become a goverment agent and is assign to Spain for his first task where he witness a new fear. Formerly engaged to Jasmine and is currently dating Samey, not realizing she is pregnant.

Jasmine: Become an archaelogist after "Roses are Red, Bruises are Blue" went bankrupt. She become so involved with her work that she forgotten her wedding with Shawn and they break up. Currently trying to find the Ark of Covenant.

Sugar: Her show "That's Nothin" become so famous, she won more awards than Oprah. Other than that, she continue to make appearances in food comercial.

Scarlett: Nothing is known about her since the last TD season. However, scary noises can be heard from her old house. Any animals that walk pass the house are never seen again. So keep your children and pets away from this house during halloween.

Ezekiel: Has not be seen since TDAS. What appears to be him can be seen moving around Chris' house at night.

Samey: After college, Samey takes interest in computer and temporary work at an IT centre but she eventually joins some sort of NGO. Lost contact with her sister for a long time. Console Shawn after Jasmine miss their wedding and the two fall in love. Through him, she knows how to defend herself from rapist (and zombies) and even how to hold a gun. Currently pregnant with their first child (out of wedlock). Suggest naming their child Rebecca if it is a girl and Billy if is a boy.

Ella: Either join Brodway or Disneyland, no one could tell. One thing for sure, she finally found her prince charming, aka Jude Lizowski and the pair have two daughters, Aurora and Julie.

Amy: After college, she go against her parents wishes and move to Hollywood to become a star, breaking ties with them. Unfortunately, without her parents support and her taking advantage of her sister, Amy had a hard time supporting herself, failing audition after audition. She is currentlY working as the assistanT of movie star who's behaviour made Chris like a saint. Currently finding a way to contact her sister to tell her how sorry she is.

Sky (personnel life): Keith broke up with her but not because of her cheating on him; he cheated on her too. With 2 relationship fail, Sky went into sober for a while until she met her true love and they get married. Her parents are happy for her, that is until that they realize "Mr. Charming" is not really who they really who they think "he" is.

Leshawna: Become a dancer and received a horrible review but she showed those guys that "NO ONE MESS WITH THIS SISTA!". After her "weird" dance moves, she became the star of a family drama with her being the noisy aunt of the kids. Married Harold.

Dr Noah House MD: Gets his phd and spends his time trolling his patients, doctors and other hospital staff with his "wonderful" vocabulary. Suffers an injured leg after the last Total Drama season and had to walk with a cane ever since. Also troll a bossy and annoying girl while a flight to London who is trying to ruin her ex-boyfriend's wedding by telling her "you WERE on a break."

Jo (personnel life): After the Olympics, she become the female coach of a high school, specialize in every sports the school has; cheerleading, badminton, gymnastics, etc. Got into a conflict with the music teacher she has a love-hate relationship with.

Anne Maria: Dropout of college to marry an Italian Aristrocrat. Nobody knows what happen to her after that. Must be too busy living a luxurious life while showing off her annoying boobs.

Beth: Stars in a tv series about a rising fasion designer. Married Brady and got 2 daughters.

Chris: What happen to Chris? One of Shawn and Izzy's joint assignment was to catch him for child slavery and abusement. Got his ass sued till he got nowhere else to stay except the remains of one of his summer house.

Rodney: Work at a diner as a cook and the main dish he cook was not well liked by a certain CIA agent. Continues to get rejected by women (who thinks he is a pervert) even after reading Jonesy's List (6teen season 4)

Beardo: he plays all the special effects by himself for many movies.


Mildred: With her job as a host gone, Blaineley is now a 50++ old hag with no husband to take care of her, she is wasted, a gambling habit and the only job she has now is in a McDonald commercial.

Cameron: Still short after all this years. Become a medical officer but doesnt really like his mentor (aka Noah). Married the Gwen-look alike from Gwen's home video.


Jude: Married to Ella and was given the nickname "Frog Prince" by her while he call her "Bella". Jude owns a recreational area call "X-treme Park" where there  all sort of activities like skateboarding and paintball etc. His daugher, Julie, is an artist ( the graffiti kind) while Aurora thinks weird like her dad.

Jen: Achive her dreams of becoming an olympic champion. Marries Duncan whose behaviour reminded her of someone she had a crush on while in the 7th grade (6teen season 3). Educate their daughter to make fun of Jonesy and his younger brothers.

Nikki/Jonesy: Nikki returns after college and the two got married. While Nikki becomes a journalist, Jonesy had been searching for job after job and finally become a bartender. Wait till you see who is his fav customer <cough> Ron.

Caitlin: She open several Lemon franchise around the city. At the same time she is also a fashion spokeswoman to models. Formerly married Trent.

Wyatt: Become the CEO of Burger McFlipster but still play with his band at several gigs.

Coach Halder: After retiring and making Tyler the owner of the Penalty Box, Coach become a figure skater and married a woman from Brazil.

Ron the Rent-a-Cop: Married to Yummy Mummy, train DJ and Brick to become tougher guys. Become acquianted with Chef Hatchet.

Starr: Co-star with Dawn at the Love Guru-tess. Still get in touch with Jude and offer to babysit his and Ella's kids.

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