Here comes another rubbish blog that normally i dont write. Just want to point out how terrible some of the girls are to their boyfriends. Now i'm not trying to be sexist but seriously, everytime in teen drama shows when a couple breaks up, its always the guy who got blamed, even if the girl is the b**tch or and everytime the boy had to fine a way to end the relationship without hurting the girl's feelings but always getting injured or something along the way.


To Tyler: 5 seasons and still going strong but unless their relationship is open, Lindsay has been flirting or attracted to many guys already. In fact, she cant even remember his face at all, right after kissing him. But then again, she is not really that smart so i have to say she is excuse.


To Geoff: Ok, you know you already have a boyfriend, when the most awesome sarcastic guy hug you you reject and yet you continue to fall for the Devil (without the tail and ears). Not cool Bridgey, Not Cool


To Duncan: Here comes the Queen, the Man-Eater and the False/Never Hero/Goodguy/Protagonist. What Duncan did is uncalled for but does it changed the fact that Courtney is a b**ch? Duncan have been patience with her for 3 seaons but all he get are losing his "manlyhood", train tunnel hit him, sleepless night, too controlling, this and that. Its Ross and Rachel all over again.

To Scott: CIT finally got a second chance but as usual, money comes first and despite how much nicer Scott is to her compare to Duncan, she fail to appreciate him and even wants him to give up the money to her. I dont think even Scott is that dump to give up the money for someone money minded.


To Al: Just like Courtney, $$ comes first no matter what.


To Big O: Cant say much. They are pretty stable except its not easy to control Iz.


To Brady: Come girl. Gushing over pretty boy Justin and then Harold? Either their relationship are open and not exclusive like The Archies gang or she is just drool on every hot guy she saw.


To Trent: Nothing much but she should find out the reason why Trent went cuckoo and try to help him.

To Duncan: Come on girl. Do you owe Courtney anything at all? Who cant say she might end up betraying you in TDWT as well even if the kiss doesnt happen. In fact, Duncan help her more than the other way around. But noooooo, she find out she's a lesbian and dump him for someone ungrateful. And when Duncan (someone she know for 5 seasons) warn her about someone who she barely even know, she doesnt listen. Karma bites in the butt, remember Gwen?


To Harold: My main problem about her relationship with Harold is mostly is the only thing she help him is how to stand up against Duncan but other than that, she does not do much to him. Harold shows undying loyalty towards her but she spend more time with Justin and Al. Dont she know she is hurting whatever size heart he has in his stick like body?


To Cody: I think i say enough about her already. Just wondering if and if those two ever become an item, would Sierra calm down or not. Doubt it


To Mike: <crickets chirping> Too boring, cannot find anything. But she must know more about him instead others telling her.


To Sam: Nothing. She's fine despite now a monster,

Anne Maria

To Vito: As much as i hate this pairing, Anne Maria ditching Vito in the middle of the competition after receiving a "diamond" is uncalled for and shows that she value money a lot.


To Shawn: So far nothing.


To Keith: Terrible GF. If she want to end things with Keith, why not send a confessional video to him. Dont she thinks that Keith might be watching the show. Now she end up having no boyfriends and one crazy bald guy on the loose.

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