Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways>

Since i created one for TDAS, might as well create for the others. [1]


Welcome to the TDWT (unofficial) awards.

For TDI's, click here

For TDA's, click here


For TDAS' click here

For RR: click here

  • Best in the World Award: For the contestant with the best overall performance in TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR
  • Obama Award: Best male contestant of the season.
  • Diana Award: Best female contestant of the season
  • Patriot Award: Favourite country visited
  • Artist Award: Best singer of the season
  • Song Award: Favourite song
  • Lover Award: Best Couple/Attraction of the season.
  • BFFF Award: Best friendship of the season
  • Feud Award: Best conflict of the season
  • Gidgette Award: Best kiss of the season
  • Camp Steve Award: Awarded to the contestant who show his/her best "mad skills" during any of this season's challenges.
  • Lol Award: Funniest scene of the year.
  • Most unfair elimination Award
  • Worst moment of the season Award
  • Non contestant of the year
  • Most missed contestant Award
  • Tyler Award: Funniest injury suffer by a contestant this season
  • Dr Noah House Award: The Best Snarker of the Season.
  • Stalkerlicious Award: Awarded to the creepiest moment of the year.
  • Schemer Award: Awarded to the contestant with the best scheme/backstabbing of the season.
  • Wannabe Award: Most over rated contestant of the season.
  • Donkey Award: Most foolish contestant and which scene.
  • Psycho Award: Craziest contestant of the year
  • Jeff Probst's Favourite: Favourite Challenge of the season
  • Fear Factor Award: Toughest/Most Dangerous challenge of the season
  • Eye Dropper Award: Hottest contestant scene of the season


  • Best in the World Award is named after WWE superstar CM Punk whose nickname is BITW.
  • Obama Award is named after the current US President.
  • Diana Award is named after the late Lady Diana. (God rest her soul)
  • BFFF Award is a reference to K&S
  • Gidgette Award is a reference to Bridgette and Geoff
  • Camp Steve Award is a reference to the camps that Harold mentioned he learn his mad skills from.
  • Tyler Award is a reference to Tyler keep getting injured throughout the series even when he is doing nothing.
  • Dr Noah House Award is a reference to Noah and Dr House
  • Stalkerlicious Award is a reference to Noah's imfamous quote
  • Jeff Probst's Favourite is a reference to the host of Survivor
  • Fear Factor Award is a reference to the other reality show that TD parodies

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