The shows first promo.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another season of Total Drama unofficial award. To those who do not remember me, the name's PhoenixDragonSamurai, former Rollback of the wiki, and a supposingly retired user. First off, a very big thanks to those who had been contributing to the wiki while i wasn't around especially Stryzzar, Rose, CodyFan, Jayden and especially good old Onee-sama N3. Now for the purpose of my return.

Once again, I will be hosting another season of (unofficial) awards and this time, I will be doing it for every episode instead after the season ends like last time, once the actual episode is release that is. If you are unfamiliar with my past works, I hosted (unofficial) award blogs for Season 1-6 and see what you opinions are based on awards such as Best male contestants, best couple, funniest moment etc. And now stay tune for the actual release for ep 1 (not the leaked ep) which i have no idea when will that be.


In memories of the late Robin Williams ,This promo is brought to you by

Location - Egypt, Giza

"Sand: It's Everywhere. Get Used to It."

- Genie (Aladdin and the King of Thieves)

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