Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways>


So this is it. The spin off is a blast and we've get to see a new kind of gameplay instead of the usual Survivor style which we have been watching for almost 6 seasons. Many of the teams are great, such as Stepbros and Rockers get last minute development, Cadets kicking asses and even old TD characters get to do more than they did in TD. So as we close off another chapter of the franchise, here is one last award show. Until next time.

  • Rob & Amber Award: Best team of the season
  • Ultimate Racer Award: Best individual contestant of the season
  • I'll Be There For You Award: Best team in terms of interaction of the season
  • Family Award: Best family pair (applicable only to Father/Son, Mum/Daughter, Sisters, Stepbros, Twins) of the season
  • I Wanna Be Famous: Favourite competing TD contestant (applicable only to Geoff, Noah, Owen and the Wizard guy) of the season
  • Patriot: Favourite country visited (not necessary your fav ep)
  • Naruto/Hinata Award: Best couple of the Race (applicable only to Brody/MacArthur, Noah/Emma. Goths, BFFs and H/Daters) of the season
  • Memories of Wawanakwa: Top 2 Most missed 1st Gen contestant
  • Middle Cast Award: Top 2 Most missed 2nd gen contestant
  • Mwecinistwâw Award: Derieved from the Cree word for Third, Top 2 Most missed 3rd gen contestant.
  • Ultimate Tyler Award: Favourite pain magnet of the season
  • Zoey Award: Most Overrated character of the season
  • Zoke Award: Most Overrated team of the season
  • Dr. House Award: Most Sarcastic Contestant of the season
  • Camp Steve Award: Most suprising moment when a contestant manage to step up and either win or did well in a challenge
  • Diva Award: Hottest Female contestant of the season
  • Justin Award: Hottest Male contestant of the season
  • Stalkerlicious Award: Creepiest moment of the season
  • Donkey Award: Most stupid contestant plus which scene
  • Psycho Award: Craziest contestant of the season
  • Most unfair elimination of the year
  • Voice Actor of the year: Best VA of the year and which character he/she voiced (if the VA voiced more than one, mention which one)
  • Final Marshmallow Rating: Out of 10 marshmallow, how many will you give

Past Award shows

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  • Rob & Amber Award: named after the contestants who competed in both Survivor and TAR
  • I'll Be There For You Award: reference to the theme song of Friends
  • I Wanna Be Famous: you guys should know this, its TD's opening sq
  • Naruto/Hinata Award: lets face it, all the couples in TD and RR does not consider "true love" especially Gwen/Trent so i chose one from an anime and the first that pops up in my mind is the happily married couple from Naruto who even got a movie about their romance.
  • Ultimate Tyler Award: A reference to the lovable jock who cant seem to not get injured in a single ep
  • Zoey Award: A reference to one of the most boring character in TD series
  • Zoke Award: A reference to one of the most boring pair in TD series
  • Dr. House Award: A reference to the titicular character of the TV show (formerly called Dr. Noah House Phd)
  • Camp Steve Award:  A reference to the camps Harold always mentioned.
  • Justin Award: A reference to how the "powers" of the Eye Candy
  • Stalkerlicious Award: A reference to Noah's infamous line to Sierra
  • Marshmallow Award: A reference to Rotten Tomatoes

From the episodes

  • Phineas Fogg Award: A reference to the main protagonist of Around the World in 80 days (cant find any other suitable world travellers name)
  • Sims Awards: A reference to the life-stimulation game
  • Heather Award: A reference to the Queen Bee of Total Drama

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