Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways>


Wow. This season is freaking amazing. We got several good chaacter developments, shocking moments and even MacDonald wrote better story this time. Now on with the awards. and WELCOME TO THE TDPI (unofficial) Awards.

For TDI's, click here

For TDA's, click here

For TDWT- click here

For TDRI- click here

For TDAS' click here

For RR: click here

  • Otahowew: From the cree word "victory" this award goes to best overall performance in TOTAL DRAMA Pahkitew Island
  • Dude Award: Best male contestant of the season.
  • Chick Award: Best female contestant of the season
  • Wawanakwa Memories Award: Most missed 1st gen contestant
  • Middle CastAward: Most missed 2nd gen contestant
  • Lover Award: Best Couple/Attraction of the season.
  • BFFF Award: Best friendship of the season
  • Feud Award: Best conflict of the season
  • I Got the Power...I mean Development Award: Awarded to the  best character development
  • Camp Steve Award: Awarded to the contestant who show his/her best "mad skills" during any of this season's challenges.
  • Comedian Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze): Top 3 funniest scene of the year.
  • Most unfair elimination Award
  • Owen Award: Awarded to the most disgusting moment of the year
  • Non contestant of the year
  • Tyler Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze): Top 3 Funniest injury suffer by a contestant this season
  • Dr Noah House Award: The Best Snarker of the Season.
  • Stalkerlicious Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze): Awarded to the top 3 creepiest moment of the year.
  • Gasp Award: Awarded to the most shocking moment of the year
  • Jerk Award: Awarded to the most @$$**** contestant of the season.
  • Wannabe Award: Most over rated contestant of the season.
  • AND I QUOTE!!! Award: Awarded to the best line spoken
  • Donkey Award: Most foolish contestant and which scene.
  • Psycho Award: Craziest contestant of the year
  • Jeff Probst's Favourite: Favourite Challenge of the season
  • Fear Factor Award: Toughest/Most Dangerous challenge of the season
  • Pageant Queen/King Award: Lets see can Sugar win this or not. Awaded to the hottest contestant scene


  • Wawanakwa Memories - A reference to ALL the good times back in TDI
  • Middle Cast award- A reference that the 2nd gen are in the middle between 1st and 2nd gen, hence "the middle child"
  • BFFF- A reference to Katie and Sadie
  • I Got the Power...I mean Development Award: A reference to the Transformers theme back in the 80s
  • Camp Steve Award: Reference to the camps that Harold went and learnt his mad skills from
  • Owen award: A reference to Owen's disgusting habits
  • Tyler award: a reference how often Tyler gets injured, even when he isnt doing anything
  • Dr Noah HOuse: A reference to how snarky Noah and Dr House are
  • Stalkerlicious: A reference to Noah's infamous quote in TDWT 2
  • Wannabe Award: A reference to Beth's original label
  • Jeff Probst's Favourite: A reference to the host of Survivor

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