<Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways>

Since i created one for TDAS, might as well create for the others.

Welcome to the TDA (unofficial) awards.

For TDI's, click here

For TDWT, click here

For TDAS' click here

For TDPI, click here

For RR: click here

  • Oscar Award: For the contestant with the best overall performance in TOTAL DRAMA Action
  • Leonardo di Carprio Award: Best male contestant of the season.
  • Julia Roberts Award: Best female contestant of the season
  • Bradgelina Award: Best Couple/Attraction of the season.
  • Drake and Josh Award: Best friendship of the season
  • Feud Award: Best conflict of the season
  • TomKat Award: Best kiss of the season
  • Jackie Chan Award: Awarded to the best contestant who show their mad skill in which scene
  • Jim Carrey Award: Funniest scene of the year.
  • Most unfair elimination Award
  • Worst moment of the season Award
  • Most missed contestant Award
  • Jack@$$ Award: Funniest injury suffer by a contestant this season
  • Matthew Perry Award: The Best Snarker of the Season.
  • Romero Award: Awarded to the creepiest moment of the year.
  • Heath Ledger Award: Awarded to the contestant with the best scheme/backstabbing of the season.
  • Hannah Montana Award: Most over rated contestant of the season.
  • You Change Award Award: Which character suffer the worst derailment
  • Donkey Award: Most foolish contestant and which scene.
  • Psycho Award: Craziest contestant of the year
  • Jeff Probst's Favourite: Favourite Challenge of the season
  • Fear Factor Award: Toughest/Most Dangerous challenge of the season
  • Katherine Monroe Award: Hottest contestant scene of the season


  • Leonardo di Carprio Award: Named after the actor himself (thought of George Clooney at first but i dont like him)
  • Julia Roberts Award Named after the actress herself
  • Bradgelina Award named after Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie
  • Drake and Josh Award named after one of the best TeeNick show in the past
  • TomKat Award named after Tom Cruise and his 3rd wife
  • Jackie Chan Award named after my favourite actor
  • Jim Carrey Award named after the actor himself
  • Jack@$$ Award named after the movie where injuries are made for fun
  • Matthew Perry Award named after the actor himself based on his character "Chandler Bing" from friends. And I quote "Could this BE anymore..."
  • Romero Award named after George A Romero, grandfather of Zombie movies
  • Heath Ledger Award named after the actor himself who died before the Dark Knight movie was airred. RIP
  • Hannah Montana Award named after one of the most ridiculous and stupid character in Disney Channel (her and Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron are also included)
  • Jeff Probst's Favourite is a reference to the host of Survivor
  • Fear Factor Award is a reference to the other reality show that TD parodies

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