<Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways>

So the finale is over, the ending sucks, Mike hit the reset button which absorbs all his personalities and many more other stuff that makes this season sucks. Now its time to move on to the awards show.

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  • The All-Star Award : For the contestant with the best overall performance in the series (both story and challenge)
  • Dude of the Year Award : Best male contestant of the season.
  • Chick of the Year Award : Best female contestant of the season
  • Despicable Me Award1: Best Villain of the season. Applicabe only to all Villainous Vultures members (except Gwen and Cameron), Mike/Mal and Ezekiel.
  • Man/Woman of Steel Award1: Best Hero of the season. Applicable only to all Heroic Hamsters members (except Mike) and Gwen
  • Agent of Chaos Award1 : Best Villainous act done by a contestant. Applicable only to those under the Despicable Me Award.
  • Saviour Award1 : Best Heroic deed done by a contestant. Applicable only to those under the M/WoS Award.
  • What the Hell Hero Award1 : Awarded to the Hero who did the most unheroic deed. Applicable only to the contestants who are not applicable for Despicable Me Award
  • Schemer award : Awarded to the contestant with the best scheme/backstabbing of the season.
  • The Dr Noah House Award : The Best Snarker of the Season.
  • Feud Award : Best conflict of the season.
  • BFFF Award : Best Friendship of the season.
  • Gidgette Award : Best kiss of the season.
  • Love Birds Award : Best Couple/Attraction of the season.
  • Best Cameo Award :
  • The Tyler Award: Funniest injury suffer by a contestant this season.
  • Camp Steve Award: Awarded to the contestant who show his/her best "mad skills" during any of this season's challenges.
  • Most unfair elimination:
  • Best non contestant:
  • Worst Moment of the Year Award:
  • You change award : Awarded to the character who suffer the worst derailment of the season
  • The Wannable Award : Most over rated contestant of the year.
  • Stalkerlicious Award : Awarded to the creepiest moment of the year.
  • LOL Award : Funniest scene of the year.
  • Donkey Award : Most foolish contestant and which scene.
  • Psycho Award : Craziest contestant of the year


1: Duncan and Courtney are applicable to all of these due to the former's anti-hero status and the latter constantly changing behaviour


  • Man/Woman of Steel Award is a reference to the Man of Steel aka Superman and the 2013 film of the same name.
  • Despicalbe Me Award is a reference to the movie of the same name.
  • Agent of Chaos- Heath Ledger's Joker say this in the Dark Knight Film
  • Dr Noah House- A reference to Noah and Dr House's snarkiness
  • Gidgette- Reference to how Geoff and Bridgette keep on making out
  • Tyler Award- Reference on how Tyler keeps getting injured
  • Wannable- Reference to  Beth's stereotype
  • BFFF- Reference to K&S
  • Camp Steve- Reference to Harold and his wicked mad skills he learnt from <insert>Steve <insert> camp
  • Stalkerlicious - Reference to Noah's infamous quote towards Sierra in TDWT ep 2

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