A few months ago, i think of the idea of making a similarites page (like in 6teen, Survivor and Stoked) to compare whatever important traits the newbies share with the originals. Now i'll ask again whether or not should this page been make. Each character would not be solely compare to one person only like Scott and Alejandro. This is an example for Dawn and Lightning.

With Dawn"

  • Beth
    • Both are the shortest of their generation
    • Both are the first to reach to the island
    • Both are nice to the others
    • There is a trait that i will not tell since its a spoiler
  • Bridgette
    • Both are blonde
    • Both know how to meditate
    • Both are vegetarians
    • Both are animal friendly
  • Gwen
    • Both are eco friendly
    • Both are known to be the weird girl but still be able to make friends to the others
    • Goth and Wicca are a little similiar
    • Two traits that i will not tell since it will spoil for those who did not watch


  • Courtney
    • Both are competitve and physically strong
    • Both thinks they are far more superior than their team mates (However while Courtney still be able to work together with her team, Lightning complain to the point he wanted a team consists only himself)
    • Both do not like to admit their weakness
  • Tyler
    • Both are atheletic
    • Both are klutz (However while Tyler knows he isnt that good and tries to work his way to the top, Lightning complains when he is not good at something eg:Lightning complains not only that tree climbing is not a sport, he claims the tree is buttered)
  • Cody
    • Both of them are self proclaim ladies man
  • Justin
    • Both like to show off part of their bodies (Justin's good looks and Lightning's muscles)
  • Izzy
    • Both of them refer themselves in third person.
Should there be a similarities page between newbies and originals

The poll was created at 13:37 on January 19, 2012, and so far 20 people voted.

If anybody found anything intresting to compare an original and newbie, send to me and i'll see whether or not to put it in. PS: This page will be make after TDRI over

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