Hey guys. Remember the unofficial blogs that i made for the previous seasons? Well, for the upcoming seasons and RR, i'm thinking of making it episodic basic instead of just for the entire season. Here's a preview for the awards for individual episodes and the entire season. Note that this are not final and feel free to chip in some ideas or an alternate name for the award like i did for the "contestant of the year" award for every season. And remember this is not a game, just an opinion blog

Episode Awards

  1. Contestant of the week award: Best contestant of the week (note: the character who won this award are not entittle for Dude/Chick award)
  2. Dude award: Best Male contestant of the week
  3. Chick award: Best Female contestant of the week
  4. HOLY S*** Award: Favourite moment of the week (not counting elimination)
  5. Sims Award: Best Interaction (not relationship/attraction) of the week
  6. Tyler award: Funniest injury of the week (name both contestant and scene)
  7. Lol award: Funniest moment of the week
  8. AND I QUOTE AWARD!!:  Best line spoken
  9. Worst contestant of the week award
  10. Private time award: Favourite confessional (name character and scene)
  11. Worst moment of the week award :(not counting elimination)
  12. Marshamllow Rating: How many marshmallow will you rate this episode (Normal Marshmallow if good, Toxic Marshamllow if bad, max 10 eg i rate this episode 8 marshmallow and 2 toxic marshmallow)

Season awards

  1. Contestant award: Best contestant of the season (note: the character who won this award are not entittle for Dude/Chick award)
  2. Dude award: Best Male contestant of the season
  3. Chick award: Best Female contestant of the season
  4. Memories of Wawanakwa Award: Most missed 1st gen contestant
  5. Middle Cast Award: Most missed 2nd gen contestant
  6. Mwecinistwâw Award: Derieved from the Cree word for Third, Most missed 3rd gen contestant.
  7. Gidgette award: Best couple of the season
  8. Feud award: Best conflict of the season
  9. I'll Be There For You Award: Best friendship of the season
  10. Voice Actor/Actress of the year
  11. Non contestant of the year (includes Chris, Chef, animals and any non-competing contestant, if they appear)
  12. Camp Steve Award: Awarded to the contestant who show the best "mad skills" in any of the season's challenge (name contestant and challenge)
  13. I Got The Power...I Mean Development Award: Best character development
  14. Dr. Noah House award: Most sarcastic character of the year
  15. Most unfair elimination of the year
  16. Gasp award: Most shocking moment of the season
  17. Stalkerlicious Award: Creepiest moment of the season
  18. Jerk award: Biggest @$$hole of the season
  19. Wannabe Award: Most overrated contestant of the season
  20. Donkey Award: Most stupid contestant of the year
  21. Psycho Award: Craziest contestant of the year
  22. Jeff Probst's special: Best challenge
  23. Fear Factor Award: Most dangerous challenge
  24. Zoey and Mike Award: Most boring episode
  25. Beauty King/Queen Award: Hottest contestant moment of the year (awarded to both guys and girls)

Ridunculous Race Award (prototype)

Note: Assuming if its like the Amazing Race style

  1. Phileas Fogg Award: Best contestant of the year
  2. Peas in a Pot: Best team

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