Hey guys? Are you hype for the Ridunculous Race? To some of you who watched Amazing Race, S8 is a Family Edition  featuring teams of four instead of 2 like usual. So if RR does the same thing, whose family do you like to see?  For me, it would be the following:

Heather's family: Heather, Brother, Cousin, Sister

Lindsay's family: Lindsay + Paula + Other sister + Mother

Gwen's family: Gwen, Bro, Mum and Step Dad (if she had)

Duncan's Family: Duncan, Mum + Dad + one bro

DJ: All his brothers (if there are his real brothers, not friend "bros")

Amy + Samey: The twins, + parents

Shawn= Shawn + cousin + Dad + Uncle "Bernie"

StepBros = Chet, Lorenzo and their parents

AL= Al + Carlos + Jose and Uncle Julio

Noah= Noah + Lil cousins

Rodney= All his brothers

Leshawna= Leshawna + Leshaniqua + someone else

Sugar= Sugar + Uncle Elliot + Lil Bro (whose name she couldnt remember) + Aunt

Scott = Scott + The Pig Calling Sister + Pappy + Mum

Staci = Staci + random family members who she claimed invented something

I hope they did something like this in the future. Amazing Race S8 is one of my favourite seasons. In addition, there are no teams with couples unless they are married so if there is a season like this, they wont be any boring romantic sotryline.

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