This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Ok with crazy girl Sierra left, the Courtney and Gwen feud over and Mal starts to make his move, i more or so knows what and how the next few contestants might get eliminated if the so called leaked elimination is true. Now its what i call the "Return of Mal" arc which started since the previous ep.

Duncan: Prediction a) Now that they are in the merge, Duncan tries to tell those in the villains team (mostly Cameron and Gwen) to not trust Mike but most of them refuses and Gwen become even angrier at him, believing that he is trying to ruin her friendship with Courtney. Seeing how much a threat Duncan is, Mal decides to get him off.

b) Duncan got fed up about his niceness that he decides to quit.

Cameron:  Like Zoey and Duncan, Cameron might know what had happen to Mike recently and takes Duncan's advice seriously and finally find out. However, Mal manage to convince the other contestants to vote him off before he can tell the others.

Courtney and Scott: Seeing how Courtney always ended up getting the boot with someone else, the possibilites are:

a) the two of them keep on quarelling (due to Mal) to the point they try to vote each other resulting in a tie

b) They do a Bridgette and Geoff which disgusts the contestans enough to vote them off

c) That night Chris decides that two people might get eliminated and they got the most votes

Alejandro: With Mal's true nature revealed, Al feels that he should be the only evil person but an all out war results in the elimination of Al. (Since his name is not listed in the website properly, his elimination may or may not be somewhere in between those listed above)

That leaves Gwen, Zoey and Mal which i have no idea how are they going to eliminated. Hopefully that website is wrong. What you guys think?

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