Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways


Hi everyone. Welcome to the 16th (unofficial) award blog for RR, this time in episodic format. Teams return to Alberta, Canada which i presume is Scott's hometown. MacArthur once again shows the Ice Dancers who's boss while Devin become crazier again. The part where Owen poor driving skill crank me up as well as most of Brody's moments in the episode. And we finally had out (sort of) cameo appearance with Rodney, Scarlett, Evil Midget, Sammy and Topher appearing on TV. Emma gives me another reason to put her low on my rankings by pretending not to be guilty for breaking Noah's heart, especially since Noah never had a break up before. Its kinda sweet that despite everything, Big O is still able to carry his buddy all the way to the end. In the end, the Men in Pink won the challenge while Father & Son loss but had the best Father/Son moments. Now lets go to the awards.

  • Best team award: (not necessary your fav team)
  • Phineas Fogg award: Best individual contestant of the ep (not necessary your fav character)
  • Sims award: Best team in terms of interaction (again not necessary your fav team)
  • OMG award: Awesome moment of the ep
  • Heather award: Biggest jerk of the ep
  • LOL award: Funniest moment of the ep
  • Tyler award: Funniest injury of the ep
  • I Quote: Best line spoken of the ep
  • Marshmallow rating: Rate this ep how many marshmallows out of 10

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