Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways


Hi everyone. Welcome to the 24th (unofficial) award blog for RR, this time in episodic format. With only 4 teams remaining, we are getting closer to the finale. The Racers head to Argentina and after god knows how many years, Carrie's (boring) dream had come true and she and Devin are finally a couple. Aww, so sweet, NOT. The best part of this ep is the elimination of these goddamn couple that make Mike and Zoey 3% less boring. There's a reason why i do not like the romance on this show anymore. And the other best part of this ep is the return of the Men in Pink, even though i wanted Noah and Owen but at least its better than the Vegans coming back since those two are nothing but fodders. No idea why are they so popular, must be because of Emilie-Barlow voiced one of them. Meh, anyway, the Ice Dancers win again for the 7th time and the Cadets must stay strong. Hopefully the Sisters are eliminated next. Now lets go the award show, while i run away from Sister fans.

  • Best team award: (not necessary your fav team)
  • Phineas Fogg award: Best individual contestant of the ep (not necessary your fav character)
  • Sims award: Best team in terms of interaction (again not necessary your fav team)
  • OMG award: Awesome moment of the ep
  • Heather award: Biggest jerk of the ep
  • LOL award: Funniest moment of the ep
  • Tyler award: Funniest injury of the ep
  • I Quote: Best line spoken of the ep
  • Marshmallow rating: Rate this ep how many marshmallows out of 10

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