This is my first blog so it wont be good.

We all know that that the original contestants will not be returning in season 4 albeit with some guest appearance. So the following are the last thing they said in their last speaking episodes (not counting screaming, gasping, shocked, cheering, laughing, singing and squeking)

Name- Last speaked in which episode

- Last thing he/she said

- Alternate ending

Alejandro- Hawaiian Punch

- Hey! Where's my prize money? I demand to get what's coming to me!

- Wait for me!


Beth- Hawaiian Style

- Uhhhh! Is the tea ready yet?

Blainley- Chinese Fake Out

- Oh, you wanna hear something really fun? They wanted me to host the show! You only got the job

i said no and.....................

Bridgette- Hawaiian Punch

- I swear, Geoff and I put ping pong balls in there.

Cody- Hawaiian Punch

- You can't give up now or the bad guy wins.

- Take that Al!

Courtney- Hawaiian Punch

- Woops! Which ropes are Team Alejandro's?

DJ- Aftermath Revenge of the Telethon

- Hey there little buddy. Noooooooooooooooooooo!!

Duncan- Hawaiian Punch

- Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Man its nice to be out of this game!

- Nice! Its about time someone took La Cucaracha down!

Ezekiel- Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2

-I'm not going anywhere, this game is mine,eh. MIIINE!!!

- (after that all he's appearance are just growling like an animal)

Geoff- Hawaiian Punch

- EWWWWW! Heather has selected the Traditional Hawaiian Fire Dance of Death,

Gwen- Aftermath Aftermayhem

- Impressive nursing. Remind me not to get sick around you.

Harold- Hawaiian Punch

- Hurry, there's no time to lose!

Heather- Hawaiian Punch

- This is not fair! I was the one who made the pineapple sacrifice!

- Wait! Do i get my money or what? AHHHHHHHHH!!

Izzy - Aftermath Revenge of the Telethon

- Hmmmmm! Its boxy. Ha! Better hit it with a hammer just to be sure

Justin- Aftermath : Bridgette Over Troubled Water

- What?

Katie-Aftermath Bridgette Over Troubled Waters

- Ghost!

Leshawna- Hawaiian Punch

- I dare either one of you to picked me!

Lindsay- Hawaiian Punch

- Awwww! Thanks, I love to.

Noah- Aftermath Aftermayhem

- Do i have to do this?

Owen- Hawaiian Punch

- Oh, that its so beautiful.

Sadie- Hawaiian Punch

- Even if it is Heather.

Sierra- Hawaiian Punch

- Drop it ! Drop it !

Trent- Aftermath Aftermayhem

- Here you go buddy. Give it a roll.

Tyler- Aftermath Aftermayhem

- Exteeeeeeeeeeeeeme!!!!

- After that he did talk but its all gibberish.

Love them, Hate them, this is one way I remember them and sad that none of them are returning for a while (except the 3 newbies i hate them). Lets hope they return in season 5.

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