Warning: This blog contains sexual innuendoes that may not be appropriate for younger fans.

Been here more 2 years already and i saw many Favourite couple blogs but i think this is definately the first one regarding LGBT. (Note this is purely for fun)

Gwen and CourtneyEdit

This season, we see how close Gwen and Courtney are and when i mean close i mean really close. So the reason Gwen ditch Duncan is that she realise that she is actually a lesbian (Friends reference)? Courtney on the other hand is possibly bi? I mean even K&S arent that close. All we need now is some girl-girl yuri action. Come on girls, just kiss already. That will bring Mike back from his mind.

The way Courtney hugs Gwen is more of a romantic one than friendly one.

Chris and ChefEdit


There is bromance moment in this...


...and this...


...and this.

And then there is the greatest bromance in TD history. We see those two have some moments, some bro moment, some make those two look like a couple. Maybe Chef is trying to seduce Chris by cross dressing. Then in the latest ep, we see how worried Chef is when Chris is kidnapped to the point he almost have a spasm in the confessional. Now guy-on-guy may not be hot, but its damn as hell funny.


Now lets not forget other classic moments back in past seasons. The most famous involve the most sarcastic contestant kissing the Gwen's stalker in ep3 while they were asleep. This include Noah teasing Cody's tiny sausage, And there is Big O who for some reason, attracted to the evil, manipulative Justin. and he too kisses guys b4. Other than that Owen keeps giving out weird references that make people thinks he is attracted to guys like sometimes to Noah in TDWT. Then K&S constant hugging with each other may make people think they are a couple. How often you see two girls hug each other?

Move on to future seasons there are not many LGBT moments but there are LGBT innuendoes like Cody using the toilet with Al in it and then says something about his pants. And we got Brick shouting "Fashion school HERE I COME!!!" One thing for sure Tyler is definately straight cause he told Al in TDWT1 that "I like girls".

Total Drama Pahkitew IslandEdit

Then there is rumor there is Topher, one of the TDPI newbie, is gay. Now i dont think CN will allow a gay character in a children program. This is not the Archies. Looks like Teletoon will have to keep this in Canada