Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways


Hi everyone. Welcome to the 18th (unofficial) award blog for RR, this time in episodic format. Viva Las Vegas. The teams head to Nevada not to gamble (since the Sisters and BFFs are still underage) but to perform either a magic trick or riding dune buggies. Once again, the Goths own everyone while the Surfer Dudes rather have fun. And the BFFs now take a ridiculous turn, out of nowhere, Devin suddenly realizes he had feelings for Carrie while she in turn stop focusing on him. This pair is making Mike and Zoey more intresting (no bull) as time goes by. As usual, Stephanie is a b while MacArthur reveals that her baby sister is Jen. Even when it is not 6teen, she still couldnt catch a break. And from what MacArthur sez, Jen is likely to be 29 years old now. The sisters as usual are meh in this ep, now that Noah is gone. Oh well, decent ep, decent ratings. Now lets go on to the award show.

  • Best team award: (not necessary your fav team)
  • Phineas Fogg award: Best individual contestant of the ep (not necessary your fav character)
  • Sims award: Best team in terms of interaction (again not necessary your fav team)
  • OMG award: Awesome moment of the ep
  • Heather award: Biggest jerk of the ep
  • LOL award: Funniest moment of the ep
  • Tyler award: Funniest injury of the ep
  • I Quote: Best line spoken of the ep
  • Marshmallow rating: Rate this ep how many marshmallows out of 10

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