And to quote Far Cry 3's Vaas:

Insanity is doing the exact... same f**king thing... over and over again, expecting... sh** to change. That... is crazy

There are 5.5 seasons of TD so far and we watch crazy contestants, those who went crazy or some worse. Now lets see the contestants that are consider insane among the crazies and how i rank them in the scale of 1-10. Note: i wont go to contestants who had psychotic tendensies (Duncan, Eva, Jo, Chris), disgusting (Owen, Sugar, Harold), plain evil (AlHeather, Scarlett) or just plain stupid (Justin, Lindsay, Max) as psychotic

Izzy (overall-4th, 1st Gen- 3rd)

Izzy is how you spell Awesome Crazy. Sure she went around biting people but never once attack anyone on purpose like Stalker Girl. Just dont give her explosive or BOOM BOOM!!

Insanity level- 9/10

Dave (overall-deadlast)

The guy who hold the label of THE NORMAL GUY. But then he went CUCKOO LAND just because he never gets the girl of his dreams (who he just met in less than a week)

Insanity level- OVER 9000

Sierra (overall-52nd, 1st Gen--deadlast)

To those who watched How I Met Your Mother, remember Ted once had a stalker who turns out to be a psycho cop and yet that dumb donkey still wanted to date her. Yup. This psycho is comparable to Sierra. From drooling over Cody (and later Cameron) like a dog to hallucinating that she is in Cody-land surrounded by Skinny Codies, Fat Codies, Muscular Codies and Booby Codies, to eating ice-cream while crying, to a very very long list. Or to those who are familiar to anime characters (eg Karin from Naruto) you guys should know that people like are not not safe to be stand next to.

Insanity leve- 10/10

Courtney (overall- 28th, 1st gen-15th)

Courtney is not evil. She is just money minded. From appearance, she might be normal. But after TDA, this money minded chick just abuse everyone that gets in her way, whether if it is her punk boyfriend, her dirt boyfriend or her Goth Lesbian partner. Dont believe me she is insane when it comes to money, check this out:

Insanity level- TDI normal. TDA-8/10 TDWT (post Gwuncan) -8/10 TDAS - 3/10

Mike (overall-39th, 2nd gen-10th)

Somebody call 911 to arrest this guy (and because there's ahandsome guy in my bathroom mirror). Normally a guy with MPD should not be running around the street with 5 different people in his mind. What are his parents thinking. Seriously. Even if Mal was the one who landed him in prison, someone should know about him being dangerous yet everyone (including lesbian Gwen) think him as someone nice. . And the reset button, one of the worst thing that could happen in this series.

Insanity rating - 8/10 (before reset button)

Cody (overall- 50th- 1st gen- 24th)

<Dr House accent> Oh Cody, he is so sweet, he is so cool, he should win Gwen over DUncan/Trent. He should win. He is this and that BLAH. He is a stalker people. WAKE UP!! Think about it, Gwen is Trixie, Cody is Timmy and Sierra is Tootie. and Timmy is not that normal, even without his fairy oddparents. He is creepy and crazy and a lot of things that i already listed in my Beth vs Cody blog.

Insanity level- 3/10 (TDI), 6.5/10 T(TDWT)

Shawn (overall-5th, 3rd gen- 2nd)

Here comes the All-Star of the 3rd Gen of the male. His obsession with zombies make his comedy new and funny. Haters should meet their end at the hands of Nemesis T-Type. If TD had a zombie invasion, the ultimate zombie fighting team would be Shawn teaming up with Eva and Izzy while Noah makes sarcasm from behind.

Insanity level- 5.5/10

Lightning (overall-16th, 2nd gen 3rd)

I said that i wont rate stupid people as insane but Lightning is beyond stupid. Lindsay had her smart moments at times (and because she is depicted as a dumb blonde) and so as Justin and Max. But Lightning? Dumb Jock or not, who in the world thinks of finding meat on top of a tree.

Insaity level- 7/10

Trent (overall 33rd, 1st gen- 17th)

Initially, Trent is sweet. Cool. But when he become jealous, he become crazy and started counting to the number 9. Man he is just like one of the weird girls Chandler date before he dates Monica in FRIENDS. But luckily, he manage to turn back to normal

Insanity level- 4/10 (Beach Blanket Bogus to Aftermath II)

Ezekiel (ovarall 42nd/1st gen 21st)

and lastly we got Golumn Zeke who like COurtney had went crazy because of the money but also from tortured, lack of food, etc.

Insanity level- before mutation normal. TDWT 8/10 TDAS-10/10

Honourable mention

Owen in Camp Castaway- 7/10

Duncan in Top Dog- 7/10

Zoey in TDR11-TDR 12 -8/10

Sam in TDR 6- 6/10

Dakotazoid - 8/10