I see a lot of wars about the team line up in S5 which leads to even more wars (especially Gwen and Zoey related) and draw back obsessed Gwen fans. Apparently, a lot of people are piss of the character allignments. So let me try to extinguish the flame wars a little. First, of all is about the true meaning of Heroes vs Villains. Well, THERE IS NONE!!!. When you are a hero, it does not mean you are pure of heart or have the ideals of a hero. When you are a villian, that doesnt mean there is no good in heart. The decision is which side will you be, Good or Evil, no matter you are a crook/killer or a Policeman/DA.A hero can still kill civilians while a villian still can save other people from dying.

In the battle between Good vs Evil there is no Heroes or Villians, only Chaos and Law.  Some might heard of this from Dungeons and Dragons but this expanded in almost every media. The battle of Good vs Evil and Law vs Chaos if further divide into several categories:


Definition: Under this allignment, the person follows a certain order and obey the rules and way of life. However, the person also ended up being close-minded and maybe lack of adaptability.

1 Lawful Good- Like Knights in Shining Armor. this is the most common among the side of Good, Lawful Good is under someform of authority to serve the public with honor, truth and justice. Normally involve a well-organized group that serve for the benefit of the public.

  • Comic book example: The Green Lantern Corps, Justice League, The Big Three of Avengers, SHIELD
  • Non-Comic Book: King Arthur, CSI, Cole Phelps (La Noire), The Jedi Order, Optimus Prime, Kim Possible, Chris Redfield (RE), Professor Dumbledore
  • Total Drama: Closest i can get is Bridgette, Brick and sometimes Noah (TDWT). Zoey (TDAS), Dawn, Owen (TDI and TDWT), Jasmine, Sky
  • Honourable mention: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (after becoming Mentor) WM and the admins of this wiki.

2 Lawful Evil- Another word for Dictator or Tyrant, this category usually an organization who will do anything to keep order, whether by bending the rules to their own ways or killing anyone who disobey them. Hence the words " Peace through Tyranny". People under this category too have their own code and law.

  • Comic book example: Lex Luthor, General Zod, The Mandarin, Sinestro Corps, Magneto, Darkseid, Superman (Injustice)
  • Non Comic Book: The Galactic Empire, Vince McMahon, Megatron, Gods of Olympus (God of War) , Andrew Ryan (Bioshock), Satan, Dai Li (Last Airbender), Dolores Umbridge and the Ministry of Magic
  • Honourable Mention: Templar Order (ASC), Edgar Ross (Red Dead Redemption), Brian/Phillip Blake aka The Governor
  • TD: Courtney (TDA), Jo and Chris, The Producers

3 Lawful Neutral: Mostly Judges, this category has their own ways of the law and order or sometimes just follow orders of their superior, no matter its good or evil. The latter just follows whatever the rule says.

  • Comic book: The Punisher, Project Cadmus, Judge Dredd
  • Non Comic Book: 007, Clone Troopers (EP III), Predators/Yautja (AVP), Fox (Wanted), Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Honourable Mention: The Penguins of Madagascar, Captain Teague (Pirates of the Carribean), Boba Fett
  • TD: I think Noah (TDI) is the best example. Courtney (TDI) and Chef fits this too


Definition: Dont think immediately those under chaos are like terrorist. It means that they are on the wrong side of the law (depending the law is good or not). They believe that all life should be free without rules. On the downside, Chaos is unpredictable, irresponsible and reckless. Their actions, maybe destructive or unethic.

  1. Chaotic Good:  Rebels or Free Spirited people, this category are those who believes freedom is the right for everyone and oppose all sorts of Tyranny. While their ideals are good, their methods suggest otherwise. Most AntiHeroes are in this category.
  • Comic Book: The Hulk, TMNT, Spiderman, Wolverine
  • Non Comic Book: Robin Hood, Rebel Alliance, Dirty Harry, Anakin Skywalker (EP II), John McClane (Die Hard), The Weaseley Twins (Book 5), Kratos (God of War)
  • Honourable Mention: The Assassin Brotherhood, Jimmy Hopkins (Bully the Video Game) John Marston
  • TD: Duncan (most of the time especially when against the antagonists of the seasons or Chris), Commando Zoey, Izzy, Shawn of the dead

2 Choatic Evil: The Destoyers, this category is where most of the bad guys are listed. They are cruel, has personal  freedom but no regards other people's freedom and life,

  • Comic book: Carnage, Red Skull, Apocalypse, Trigon
  • Non Comic Book: Maleficient (Sleeping Beauty),  Majin Buu (Dragon Ball), Albert Wesker (RE), Makarov (Modern Warfare), Mr Hyde,  Darth Maul, Jason Voohers, Michael Myers
  • Honourable Mention:WHY SO SERIOUS?!
  • TD: Heather, Scott, Courtney (TDWT post Gwuncan),  Alejandro (TDAS), Sugar, Dave (post crazy)

3 Chaotic Neutral: Anarchist/Free Spirited People who follow what their heart says, bear it good or bad, To them, freedom first, then only good or bad. Some however, are just psycho or mindless character who just do out of instinct. Here is where the Anti Villians/Heroes are mostly located

  • Comic Book: Venom/Anti Venom, Catwoman, Deadpool, Incredible Hulk (if he went mad), V for Vendetta, Terra
  • Non Comic Book: Captain Jack Sparrow, Han Solo (before EP IV), Godzilla, Third Street Saints, Alex Mercer (Prototype), Vegeta (Dragon Ball)
  • Honourable Mention: Zaraki Kenpachi (Bleach), CM Punk (2011- July 2012, currently), Stone Cold Steve Austin (Attitude Era)
  • TD- Duncan (a lot of times), Eva, Heather (TDWT), Alejandro (vs Mal), Sierra, Lightning, Zeke, Max


Definition: The balance of everything, this person neither rebel and believe to rule at the same time. They believe that there should be freedom as well as order at the same time. Here, they are a lot of Anti Heroes and Anti Villians

  1. Neutral Good: also known as the Benefactor, they do things for the greater good and comply with the law (Lawful) but they have instinct and if the law doesnt bare anything good, they will rebel (Chaos). May conflict with Lawful Good at times.
  • Comic Book: The Huntress, The Phantom, Wonder Woman
  • Non Comic Book: Aang the Avatar, Will Turner (Pirates),  Captian Kirk (Star Trek), Chuck (Well... Chuck), Merlin (well....Merlin), Lightning (FFXIII), Trudy Chacón (James Cameron's Avatar)
  • Honourable Mention: Me, Batman, Daryl Dixon
  • TD- Gwen, Cameron (post TDR merge), both Lindsay and Beth (TDI and TDA)

2 Neutral Evil: Malefactor, True Evil, these people will ally themselves with anyone (Lawful) but will also do it for their own purposes (Chaotic). Unlike Lawful and Chaotic Evil, these people have no respect for anyone, no honour, no tradition, and are very violent.

  • Comic Book: Mystique, Goldilocks (Fable), Loki
  • Non Comic Book: Cruel Deville, Azula (Avatar), Carl Denham (Peter Jackson's version), General Shephard (Modern Warfare 2), Starscream,
  • Honourable mention: Master Xehanort, Sephiroth
  • TD: Heather (TDI), Alejandro, Justin, Mike (TDAS), Courtney (TDAS), Scarlett

3 True Neutral: The Undecided allignment, they neither allign with any side, they are the main moral of any group. They dont fully follw the rules (Lawful), nor are they big rebels or rule breakers (Chaotic). They have their own goals (which can be good or evil) and they might allign with anyside to fullfilled it.

  • Real World Example: Animals and Robots
  • Comic Book: Dr Manhattan (Watchmen), Galactus (He is just hungry, and there are times he respect the heroes), The Watcher
  • Non Comci Book: Captain Barbossa (Pirates), Xenomorphs, Kaminoans (Star Wars), Terminator, Prince Zuko, Sasuke (Naruto), John Locke (LOST), BlackAdder (1st and 2nd version are the best),
  • Honourable Mention: William "Bill" Overbeck. Heroic Spirit EMIYA aka Archer (the person in my user pic)
  • TD: Majority of them

If you dont know who some of these characters are, look up to them on the internet.


In the battle of good and evil, there are no Heroes or Villians. These are just public views. A policeman can always be worshipped as a hero but behind the public's back he might take bribe or involve in some sort of coup. A thief in the eyes of everyone are villains but they might doing this for the sake of others. Heroes are not saints, they are not always truthful or loyal. Villians are not always cruel, Heartless or selfish. Character's allignment due however changes everytime. A good person can become evil and vice versa at anytime like a Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker slowly succumbs to the darkside and becomes a Sith but eventually, he sarcifice himself to save his son, becoming a Jedi again.

In Total Drama S5, Gwen might be on the villians team for kissing another persons boyfriend but a lot of people did that in other media. However, her actions especially in TDI suggest otherwise and supposingly a good person at heart. Anyway these are just people opinion, some can say Noah (for example) is a hero (due to his friendship with Owen and his performance in TDWT) but some categorize him as a villian (due to his laziness in TDI and his original sterotype the schemer). To me, all of these wars are a waste of time. Why cant we just enjoy the damn show without once and I MEAN ONCE quarelling.

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