Ok recently there is a huge addition of interaction pages sandboxes being created and honestly in my opinion, most of them are good and some are not really good. Let me clarify to some of you on how the interaction pages work to make sure you guys dont keep bothering Ryan on whether the page approved or not and before things get out of control and we are flooded with many useless pages like before.

Note: These are just how i feel interaction pages should be done and are not really official

Friendship pages

There are not that many major friendship interactions since TDI so these pages should be kept short. But this also depends how many episodes they interacted, how important the interaction is and how big the page it would be.

Single season friendship (eg Beth and Duncan, Dave and Shawn) : at least 4-5 episodes with 4000 bytes

Multis season friendship (eg Bridgette and Leshawna, Gwen and Owen): at least 4500 bytes

Importance for single season : plays a role in at least 2 episodes, are in an alliance, had directly interacted with each other for at least 2 episodes, both characters have many similarities (like in Gwen and Zoey), they are the final two of the season

Interaction that does not count as Major: High Fives, cheering, clapping, show support, agree to the plan, A stand next to B, B says "Yes" to A  (if the interaction are mostly focus on these, the page is not approved, eg Cody and Tyler, Bridgette and Lidnsay, DJ and Trent), A and B are being placed on the same team, A look worried when B gets injured (unless the camera is focus on them and not on a whole group)

Most importantly must have: storyline, character development, mentioning in episodes after one of them is eliminated, etc

Rejected/Deleted Pages: B/Dawn, Gwen/Eva (not really sure got or not before i join), Bridgtte/Lindsay (many times), DJ/Lindsay (many times), Blaineley/Chef, Cody/Noah (a lot of times. AND THEY ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP), Chris/Lindsay, Bridgette/Harold, Cody/Tyler, Geoff/Harold, Duncan/Scott (mostly neutral), Dawn/Zoey, Dakota/Zoey, Beth/Leshawna, Beth/Brady, Izzy/Lindsay, Justin/K&S, DJ/Leshawna (loss count), Duncan/Jo

Conflict Pages

Conflcits are the second most focus interaction next to couples, with each season having 2 or 3 major conflcits. So its no wonder these pages should be bigger than friendship pages. But then again it depends on how big the page is

Single season conflict (eg Blaineley, Bridgette and Geoff, Courtney and Beth): at least 3-4 episodes with 5000 bytes

Multi season conflict (eg Heather and Leshawna, Chris and Courtney): at least 6000 bytes

Importance for single season: The two have a history in the past, play a role in at least 3 episodes, in an alliance, B have been planning to eliminate A for quite some time, have direct interaction in at least 2 episodes, final two

Interaction that doesnt count as Major: Glaring (either from background or join others but if the camera is directly focus on him/her than it counts), disagree wiht plans, dirty look, certain levels of sarcasm (Gwen saying timber when DJ fall off in TDI 3 doesn count), laugh along with other contestants (unless the camera focus on him/her or it is a sarcastic laugh), depending on how the challenge was played if they are on different teams (eg Gwen knocking out Cam in TDAS 3 and Cody eliminating DJ and Katie in TDI 4 doesnt count as major), mocking or taunting multiple characters (Heather to her team in TDI 9/10, Noah in TDI 4, Scarlett to those she threaten, Ezekiel in the 100th ep other than Chris and those laughing at Chris in TDWT/TDRI finale, but Courtney to Owen's group in TDDDDI counts, Eva in TDI 3/15)

Important factor: Since conflicts are more focus than friendships, a key factor is the storyline and whatever character development/derailment it got. Put whatever s*** inside Friendship pages but conflict must have something MAJOR to strengthen it.

Rejected/Deleted Pages: Heather/Jo (many times), Izzy/Justin, Courtney/Zoey, Gwen/Justin. Gwen/K&S, Chef/Heather, Heather/Trent, Bridgette/Eva, Dawn/Scott (many times), Lightning/Scott, Cody/Courtney (many times), Cody/Chris, Courtney/Sierra (many times), Blaineley/Chris, Bridgette and Zeke, Blaineley/Sierra, Scott/Sam, Alejandro/Mike, B/Scott, Anne Maria/Zeke, Amy /Jasmine, Amy/Rodney, Courtney/Owen, Courtney/Leshawna, Female contestants and Ezekiel

Chris' interations

Stryzzar point out something intresting. Chris' interactions are quite complicated but nevertheless must be:

a) Plot related (Eg Chris keeping Duncan in the game longer, him liking and later hating stalker girl and Topher, etc)

b)He plays a role in ther elimination (Gwen's TDAS, Duncan's TDAS, Heather's TDI etc)

c)The character openly express their hatred for Chris many times. (conflict only)

d) Chris openly express his opinion on the contestant

Rejected: Mildred, Noah, Cody, Lindsay, Harold,

Everyone pages (doesnt include RR)

Everyone pages are the hardest page to create and are mend to those worthy. Giving a page like this to someone like Staci for example, is like making Trent a superstar and the best male contestant in the series, capable of doing things even Courtney and Heather cannot do like plotting elimination, increase IQ and have better acrobatic skills than Izzy. These type of pages should strictly for those who:

a) appear in more than one season

b) those who reach the merge or at the very least have pass the 10th episode mark TWICE for TDI-TDWT while for the 2nd and 3rd gen contestants only to those who pass the merge

c) had reach the final five at any point

d) have DIRECT/MAJOR interaction with 5 different characters (usually characters with sufficient interaction pages (3-4 for single seasons, 5 for multi) or having long interaction that could be potential page eg Courtney with Sierra/Jo with Heather, Gwen/ Beth with Owen)

e) For 1st gen contestants, must have interacted with at almost everyone (around 20 and not counting the 3 TDWT newbies) with 5 majors (or at least 3 interaction pages) and 12 minors (as in they actually talk, fight, play or argue, not laugh, cheer, glare etc) or interact with the 2nd gen contestants in someway like Ezekiel. Single season 2nd gen and 3rd gen must have 3 major (or at least 2 interactions) and 5 minors

f) in a relationship with another character

g) have at least 2-3 major plot involving them and not always chiiping in somebody else (Cody with Gwen/Trent back in TDI)

h) have at least 4 focus episodes (or 3 episodes for 2nd and 3rd gen) not counting the episode they were eliminated in (eg many of Gwen-related ep in TDI, Beth in the last few episodes of TDA)

i) single season at least 12 000 bytes. multi season at least 16000 bytes

Note: if a single season contestant pass the merge, skip a)

with the exception of a), if the character does not fullfill at  least 4 of these requirements, they should not have an everyone page. SHOULD

In addition to this, if two characters have everyone pages, pls refrain from using the exact same passage from one's page in the other  (eg Duncan and Lindsay) and if they have an interaction page as well (Heather and Owen), it have to be different than the overview also. This is to mostly to prevent the use of "copy and paste" cause lets face it, doing so is consider lazy. Be more creative.

Rejected page: Sierra (more then 5 times), Trent, Mildred, Mike, Lightning, Anne Maria, Scarlett, Sam, Tyler, Ella

Deleted: Cody

PS: If i see an Everyone and Staci anywhere, somebody gonna get their kiwis blown.

RR interaction pages

Due to several complications, the creation of members of the same RR team are being oppose. Reasons include:

a) Clash with challenge related info, which are usually not consider interaction info as stated above

b) Could have episodes they never even talk to each other, making it not worthy for a page

c) Majority of them such as StepBros would be like: Ep x, they fght, Ep Y, they almost high five EP Z, they cheer together, EP AB they are finally friends. These are consider repetitive and are also not proper interactions. Plus it would make the page too short

However, interaction with other teams (Emma and Noah) counts but as long it is a two people interaction page, not two teams. Its already a problem writing a trio page like DJ, Duncan and Geoff, a quartet would be even harder.

Everyone page (except for pre existing TD characters) would be on hold as well. Many of the characters will have more brief or not important interactions than major ones, as well as teams they didnt met. This include Don who only says a few words to the eliminated teams. At most he spoke to the Surfers, Ice Dancers and minor with Gerry, Laurie, Dwayne and Bloggers. The same goes with the final four teams (once again excluding Geoff) since they never really talk to almost half of the teams (as in all teams before the Reality TV Pros)

Trivia section in Interaction Page

Info that are not required to be in trivia includes:

a) Both are placed on A team on B season and X team on Y season (unless there are on three teams, so it is allowed eg Gwen and Heather). At most, it a 2 season character with a 3 season character (Noah and Izzy/Owen) counts but 3 season with 3 season doesnt count if they are only on the same team 2x (Duncan and DJ/Harold)

b) Both are finalist , unless there is something similiar to be compare (Al and Owen reach the finale in their first season, while Duncan and Zoey reach in their second, Duncan and Gwen is the first couple to have both members reach the finale at one point)

c) Both have a friendship/conflict with X unless specify properly and the dots are conected (Mike and Cam's friendship associated with Zoey, Heather/Courtney called Lindsay Lindsiot while Linday/Leshawna flips at Heather)

d) Both have competed for X season(s)

e)Minorities like both have same hair colour, both wear skirt, both wear glasses (unless specify like Beth and Harold are the only 1st gen to do so), both wear swimsuits instead of bikini

f) Both are currently in a relationship with another person unless specify (both Gwen and Lindsay date/formerly date a Killer Bass or Duncan and Trent were dumped by Gwen at ep 5 of a season)]


Please note that size of a page is not a contributing factor why it is needed. A big page means nothing if it is filled iwth unnecessary things. However, if the page is small but has a single major episode which contributes to a lot of stuff like character development, elimination etc, than it is ok. Shorten your sentence and do not mention every single time both people of an interaction are next to each other for what ever reason, looking at the other or extracting every single word that come out from their mouth, especially if they are insulting each other.

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