So apparently my Beth vs Cody is such a hit, it bring out so many "spawns" which only one is good. Kinda like mine is Venom and Ellafan4ever's Gwen vs Courtney is Carnage.

Now im going to write another Vs blog about 2 other controversial characters, former power couple, miss CIT (Courtney in Tights) and the soft hearted punk. This time is not about character derailment, who's a bigger jerk, who is more overrated, etc. This time is about their alignment. As some of you guys remember, i wrote a blog on character's alignment last year which is based on Dungeons and Dragons. Many characters are placed in different alignments, whether they are Lawful, Chaotic or Neutral and within those status are they good, evil or neutral (eg Lawful good,Chaotic good, Neutral Evil etc) Now lets which member of Ducney is the better good guy/bad guy

Courtney (Overall 38th/1st Gen placing 15th)

China courtney smiles

You know i used to love Miss CIT. Next to Bridgette and Trent initially, i expected her to be one of the most "normal looking" contestants. She WAS actually my 4th favorite character. I love her love/hate relationship with Duncan and keep denying she did not like him. But that is where all it ends. Even in anime when tsundere characters like Courtney treated BFs like that, they eventually soften up after they become a couple. For Courtney, she got 2 boyfriends yet she still treat them worse then sh**. Then she turn Gwen into a "no longer Goth terrible lesbian" character. She got so many chance to put her

Villainship status: Now this is what Courtney deserved to be in. After TDA, she took drastic measures to enter the competition, and then as if getting back wasnt enough, she want to make sure she gets all the better luxuries and have all the advantage. Being cruel to Lindsay, Beth, poor Owen (after getting his jaws broken) and even to her own BF. Scare the sh*t out of DJ in TDI, as long she wins she doesnt care who gets injured. And then despite what Gwen wanted to do, she still think bad of her and still act cold only after Gwen dumped Duncan. Then she finally got a friend and a better boyfriend, she nver appreciate them and plans to betray them. I see Max as a better hero than her but then again he is a very VERY terrible evil person.

Heroship status: What Heroic deeds she ever do to deserve to be in the Heroic Hamsters? The only kindness she ever show were usually Duncan, Scott or Gwen related and even so, mostly minor (or before they become a couple) and before she betray them. TDI- never go against Heather, was the antagonist of her own in TDA, support the antagonist in TDWT, and in TDAS, she never even know about the antagonist. I think the only reason she is in the Hamsters at first was because she got more fans than her boyfriend and she is the "victim" of an affair. And every problem the couple faced is the guy's fault (Friends S4E1 reference), bleh. Sexism

Alignment: TDI- Lawful neutral TDA-Lawful Evil TDWT- Lawful neutral at 1st, Lawful Evil and Chaotic evil mix post Gwuncan. TDAS. Lawful Evil in Heroic Hamsters, Lawful Neutal later on, Sundae Muddy Sundae she is Neutral Evil

Status- Boderline between Anti-Villain/Villain . Only AntiHero in TDI and early on in TDWT

Duncan (Overall 3rd/1st Gen placing 2nd)


yeah yeah yeah i know. He is overrated, he appears way too many ep (hey Heather appears in even more), he is a jerkass, he is a cheater (as if Ashton's character in That 70's Show or Barney Stinson never cheated on anyone or attempted to cheat before) blah blah blah. At least he kept the plot interesting and has better and more interactions.

Villainship status: Juvenile Record, bully Harold, laugh at Lindsay's elimination, cheat in some challenges, orchestra Bridgette (TDI) and Lesahwna's (TDA) elimination, that is all i could think off. Has a few backstab moments (Niagara Brawls not sure and for TDA, he backstabbed Leshawna because she too backstabbed him) Heather got a longer list but she's not in it.

Heroship status: First shown helping DJ with his Bunny problem, then defending Lindsay, a lot of Gwen/Duncan moments in TDA, even try to warm up to Harold, some friendly moments with Beth, warn Owen about Al and Zoey about Mal. He go against all antagonist except Scott though he sometimes team up with Heather and Al.

Alignment- Borderline Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral throughout the series

Status- Anti-Hero throughout the series. Never a villain and never really like playing the hero. At most an anti villain


That's what i think about DxC. Now go and quarrel among yourself.

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