I dont normally write these kind of blogs. For a while, a lot of users wrote their cahracter rankings on blog and when other users give a comment, i notice a lot of people voiced out their opinions on TDI's short geeks. The fame attention Beth and the self proclamied popular man Cody. Both started out as weak contestants but made it far in their second season. But get this, normally it was Beth who everyone hates while everyone loves Cody but recently, there is a switch with a lot of people calling Cody overrated (including me) and some who demand that Beth gains some respect. Now lets see these two.

Beth (Overall: 18th/1st Gen- 10th)


Beth is one of TD's most underrated contestants. She make it to the finals of TDA yet barely no one recognize or even respect her. I usually sees her at the bottom of someone's rankings. Hell she never even have her own cameo in TDR or TDAS.

Normally. people who hates Beth doesnt give a proper reason to hate her. Mostly are like "She's ugly". Hey these arent proper at all. The girl at least have one of the better character developments from TDA-TDAS and even outsmarted or defeat powerhouse Heather and Courtney.

Storyline: In TDI, Beth started out  with Lindsay as Heather's underling. While she is fairly good in certain challenges (only seen participitating in Phobia Factor), Beth in the end go against one of the meanest contestant of all time. Sadly her time on the show is short. In TDA, Beth removed her braces and started a very tight friendship with Lindsay, gushing over pretty boy Justin and keep talking about Brady. After Linday and Justin got the boot, this is when her true moment shine. She actually go against the likes of Courtney and even outsmarted her. She won two immunites without any help and her knowledge on everyone helps her to even up the odds against Duncan.

Cody (Overall- 50th/1st Gen-24th)

Phobia factor (2)

The Codemiestier, self proclaimed ladies man, Gwen's personal stalker with a stalker of his own. Fans usually love him because "he is kind, cute". BOOOOOOO. Lame goddamn reason. First of all who is he kind to? Gwen, and only Gwen. He is only kind to Trent in order to make Gwen happy. To Heather, cause he hates Al more and to Sierra on the last few ep. The worst of all, he is soooooooooooo overrated. Not only that, he barely interact with anyone on the show. His conflict with Duncan is also very short and they barely even interacted. Only 2 ep those two are seen talking or insulting each other.

Storyline: Cody spend most of the time trying to woo Gwen, and think she like him back. Poor sucker. He only did good in the first part of Dodgebrawl. Then in TDWT, he again barely do anything, even 2 ep he spend majority of the ep out of commission. Sure he help in Japan and Greece ep, but in the former, its mostly with Sierra's help, and the Greece ep is to mostly help Gwen but the main thing he won, was because he is up against Tyler. And without doing anything else, he reach the final three and once Stalker Girl wasnt around, BAMM. He is out. THe only tough thing he did was punching a very very injured Duncan. Pttf. Harold punch a still heathly Duncan back in TDA is even better. Cody cant even fight or outsmart Al or Courtney and almost made Heather lost. For short, he has no proper development, repeating and not interesting story, barely useful in challenges and yet he gets all the love. And his overrateness doesnt stop here. He continue to make "head" appearances throughout TDAS, even more than Zeke.

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