Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways


Hi everyone. Welcome to the final (unofficial) award blog for RR, this time in episodic format. This is it, the finale. 15 teams are gone, leaving only former Olympians, buddy cops and (possibly) gay men. We've go to New York, where we unexpectedly see three Canadians that we love or hate, aka The HOst with the most, Chris McLean, Old Lady Mildred and Anne Maria aka the owner of the Ugliest boobs in TD series (there's even a poll for this last time and she won). The teams head to central park, climb the Empire State Building and only one team can emerge the winner. Well, that's about it. Its sad that Bridgette never make any sort of appearance at all while others from a single season did. Meh. Other than that, the show is great considering the horrible things that happen to TD in recent years. Wonder next year would be TD S6 or RR S2. I dont know, might not even be around by then. Anyway lets move on to the award show. Be sure to tune in for the RR overveiw award show.

  • Best team award: (not necessary your fav team)
  • Phineas Fogg award: Best individual contestant of the ep (not necessary your fav character)
  • Sims award: Best team in terms of interaction (again not necessary your fav team)
  • OMG award: Awesome moment of the ep
  • Heather award: Biggest jerk of the ep
  • LOL award: Funniest moment of the ep
  • Tyler award: Funniest injury of the ep
  • I Quote: Best line spoken of the ep
  • Marshmallow rating: Rate this ep how many marshmallows out of 10


  • Best cameo: Best cameo from a TD character (not necessary your fav characters)

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