Note: This is just a gimmick I'm playing and its mostly for fun. I apologize in advance to anyone to find this offensive and try not to take it seriously.

Theme Music: Cult of Personality by Living Colours

(picks up microphone) May I have your attention please. With this last edit, I've done it. After 6 years on this wiki, a few improper retirements, and a lot of backlashes from people who don't like me, I FINALLY did it.  I did the one thing that only TDIFan13 and Webkinz Mania had only done, and that's reaching 30 000 edits (though they are now around 50 000). The closest person to accomplish this after me will be good old Styzzar. But here's a catch, all three had something in common that I don't, and that's them being admin. I was at most a former rollback but since I'm not that anymore, I become the first non-admin to accomplish this. DAMN I'M GOOD!!! This would make me the Best Non-Admin In The Wiki and I'll hold on to that title until another person beat me to it, but that will take years because its not that easy. In fact, I'm already the third BEST OVERALL USER ON THE WIKI, beating the likes of other great users like CD-TDA, Numbuhthreefan, BreakingMikey, etc. For years, I was trolled, racist-fied, shunned, betrayed, and mocked by all the petty reasons including liking someone they don't like or hating someone they like or even questioning their opinions and have them hating me for years. And that's what's make me stronger. Even through the darkest days of this wiki and suffering all those criticisms, this fire in me will always  burns, ALWAYS. Because on this wiki I do what's best for the wiki and don't keep gushing or hating the show's characters or the show itself and I definitely don't scold people who do not like my opinions. And in real life, I'm straight edge, meaning I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. Unfortunately, even if I still want to stay on this wiki in the years to come, I'm not aiming to beat WM or Ryan's record due to my tight schedule. But in the mean time, JUST BRING IT. I dare anyone to try to steal this accomplishment from me. The closest non-admin would be Raised By Wolves unless somewhere along the way he is promoted, and Stryzzar is only 4000 edits away from taking my 3rd place ranking from me. That is all. (drop microphone down to the floor and it goes KABOOOM!!)

Exit music: This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage

Note: Blog ended, back to my usual, dull lone ranger gimmick.