• Phil123

    Cody!! Cody!! Cody!!

    October 16, 2010 by Phil123

    I love Cody is my fave character. But to the point, who agrees that Cody would have won Total Drama World Tour, I mean look at him he was a strong competitor, okay not strong but was good in challenges, he probably would have won the first season if he didn't get mauled, but look. Here are the reasons why we expected and wanted Cody to win:

    1. He never had any real enemies
    2. He had Sierra to protect him
    3. He even made friends with HEATHER!!!!!(minor)
    4. no one on his team wanted to vote him off
    5. even no one wanted him off after the merge
    6. only received one vote( From Alejandro in Awww, Drumheller)
    7. He had so many supporters in Hawaiian Style
    8. He probably would have won if Alejandro and him didn't have a tiebreaker
    1. Have you seen the predictions on youtube 95% saiā€¦
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