In case you were in a coma or ur house had a blackout during the big episode, let me bring you up to speed about what happened on the TDA Finale. It turns out Duncan and Beth tied in the final challenge and now we get to choose who wins. I kno this may seem as Owen would say "AWESOME" however to me it seems unfair. I mean when they did it with Gwen and Owen last year it was different as both characters had a more equal ratio of fans at that time of the series (In case you forgotten Owen won, but he only had 52% of the vote). However, its a lot different this time. Im sure it goes with out saying that between the two, Duncan clearly is the more popular. As a matter of fact, he's questionably the most popular character on the entire show. That being said that makes it obvious that Duncan would win. Therefore I think it is unfair. We already had a guy win a season(in most countries) its time to even things out. Personally I think Beth deserves it more. She hasnt been in the last two of any elimination ceremony and she's not in TDM. But alas seeing as how this will obviously come down to a popularity contest that isn't the case. I just hope the ending isnt the one that that guy on the talk page for Mutiny on the Soundstage said itd b and they actually do have Duncan and Gwen hook up. Speaking of which, did anyone notice all that stuff Duncan knew about Gwen? Meanwhile, he gets the question on Courtney wrong. Albeit it was a stupid question and he knew what Courtney's band's name was, but knowing Courtney she will definitely point that out next week.

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