Its one thing to give spoilers but when you go to such great lengths to find out whose been eliminated over a month in advance, getting Spanish Voice Actors to tell u whos going to return and the fact that the season is goin to end with Alejandro throwing the million bucks into a volcano GOES TO FAR! You people have almost completely the entire third season for me! I was finally feeling good about myself again now that Gwen was back in the fray and I was over what was done to her in The Chefshank Redemption. But now I know that not only does Gwen hook up with Duncan(albeit thats not ur fault put Im still P.O.ed) and ensures that Gwen and Trent will never get together again! And now thanks to your recent discovery of the location order and all ur assumptions. Im now convinced that once again Gwen will be the first of TDI's final four to be eliminated (despite her unjust and early elimination in TDA) but that she will never get her revenge on that evil witch Courtney after all the crap she has put her through! If I found this out when they episode, at least I wouldve been happy for a few extras months. But now thanks to you people I have to go the entire summer knowing that my favorite character, a character who I love with all my heart(I dont care if its wierd and creepy, I LOVE GWEN!), will get elimianted while the soulless she-bat that has made her life a living hell over the past year will walk off scott-free! All before the second episode has even aired! Your fricken spoilers have completely sucked the fun out of this show!

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