Three years ago I left this wiki in disgust due to how loose people were with spoilers and pretty much ruined World Tour. But despite that I still kept track of this wiki to keep up on any new info on future seasons. When the teams for s5 were revealed months ago I kept my mouth shut but as time went by and I see more and more people side with Courtney and label Gwen a villain my anger on the issue increased which brings me to today. My return to this site with this blog as one of the few people left who actually still sides with Gwen.

Let me ask you something. Without saying "Duncan" or "kiss" what has Gwen ever done that labels her as a villain? Can't think of anything else can you? Now what has Courtney done? Let's see she beat the crap out of Harold with a lamppost she ripped out of the ground, Nearly dropped Owen, DJ, Tyler and Cody to their deaths, sued her way into a competition when it was already half completed, she legitimately didn't qualify for, gained unfair advantages from said suing, tried to kill Gwen, and intentionally throw challenges for her team, (a tactic I should point out an antagonist actually used the following season). At least Gwen admitted what she did was horrible and even if you think she didn't feel any regret afterward, she still felt more regret than Courtney ever did for her actions.

Next you people think Gwen should've told her? The only reason she didn't tell her was in self defense. Whether Gwen told her or she found out from Tyler. Courtney would've tried to kill her either way. So she kept her mouth shut so she could survive just a few minutes longer. It also goes for why she didn't apologize. How can she try to make amends if she'll try to kill her if she came within twenty feet of her?

With all this info I've written how can you actaully believe someone who had a momentary lapse in judgement is actually more villainous than someone who has done everything Courtney has done. And for those who think she's just ultra competitive. Well an ultra competitive person would've waited until the merge to take out a teammate instead of resorting throwing challenges. And for those who think that this gives a chance to give a Courtney a chance at redemption, shouldn't Gwen someone you likely were rooting for to win TDI be allowed that same right? Or do you really believe her error in judgement forever prohibits her from any redemption of her own?

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