Quite a few things have been talked about involving TDA currently now that they have finally aired a string of new episodes nonstop. But by far the most discussed topic as of the past two or three days is the news of one of the upcoming TDA episodes. It was recently revealed on that on October 29th, the 21st episode, Rock n' Rule, will have a music themed challenge. However, the real news was that it was revealed that Chris will bring back a former castmate. However unlike with Courtney no further info has been revealed about who it is. So I thought I would like to give my opinion on who it is. Firstly before I go any further note that I said it would be a FORMER castmate so for those of you who think its Cody? Guess what? It aint him. I seriously doubt that the writers will bring back whoever will be eliminated next week. So that being said that leaves us with nine candidates:  Geoff, Bridgette, Izzy, Trent, Gwen, DJ, Owen, Heather, and Leshawna. Since Geoff and Bridgette are still hosting Aftermath, I think its safe to rule them out. Owen, Heather, and Leshawna were eliminated fairly recently so(although their odds arent nearly as slim as GxB) I doubt it will be one of them. However, I wont be surprised if Owen does return. With that were down to four who seem to be the prime candidates:  Trent, Gwen, DJ, and Izzy. So lets take a look at each of them.

First off Trent. It would make sense to bring him back in a music themed episode seeing as how he is the musician of the show. However, that may not mean much. If you remember most people believed Trent was not only going to be a lock for TDM but a favorite to win. Yet as revealed in the trailer his music background didnt open the door for him. Plus if you remember in Aftermath I he admitted he didnt care about he money. Still though lets not forget it is Chris's choice and if I know Chris like I think we all do, he would do anything to boost ratings and with Trent's recent popularity spike he may bring him back.

Now Gwen might have the smallest odds between the four, but I consider her to be a wildcard.  Im not TDAFan1111 I wouldnt say that Gwen would return unless I had evidence to back it up but I have some reasons why it might be her. As you remember Gwen voted herself off to earn karma points. This might be those points finally paying off and giving her a chance to redeem herself. Also if Gwen returns they could use the opportunity to explore the rivalry forming between her and Courtney which has become quite personal even between the fans since Aftermath II. Plus this gives Gwen a chance at revenge against Justin.

DJ currently seems to be the most favored to return. One reason is because of the Lame-O-Game. For the record I just would like to say that I think that the Lame-O-Game is heavily unreliable. Even Mark Thorton himself said it shouldnt be believed. Still though I still think DJ could return. Technically he didnt get voted off. However if he does return dont expect Geoff to return too.

Finally we have Izzy. Many people believed that she would return as plain Izzy(claiming that Explosivo was eliminated) or Esquire. I seriously doubt it will be her though. The primary reason they brought her back in TDI and TDA was to explore the Izzy-Owen relationship, and with Owen out there would be no point. Plus I find it unfair to have her return her when she has already returned in both seasons. I wont be surprised if she returns again, but I wont like it either.

As always I am open debate and commentary.

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