As we all know, we now know the month that TDWT will premiere in on CN (June), but we still do not have an exact date. However, after studying the calendar on my ipod and baseing on how CN has aired TDI and TDA I believe I may have guessed the exact time and date for the CN premiere of TDWT: June 21st at 9:30 P.M.(Eastern Standard Time). How did I come up with this you may ask. Well let me explain. Firstly, as you are probably aware CN has changed their new episode night from being on Thursday to Monday as exhibited by them showing new episodes of Flapjack, that stupid Adventure Time show and the CN premiere of episodes from season 4 episodes of 6teen which brings me to my second reason. My guess is that they will give TDWT 6teen's timeslot once they finish airing the season 4 episodes there are 13 episodes in season 4, but I theorize that they will not air the two episode series finale because they have yet to air some of the other episodes from the other seasons. CN have jumped around badly enough when it comes to order of airing 6teen but showing a two parter where Nikki leaves only to have her mysteriously return the next episode is a huge plot hole. So that leaves 11 episodes. Since the first episode of the season aired on April 5th, that would mean the eleventh episode would be on June 14th the Monday before the 21st. If u dont believe me check your calendar. Finally we have to take a look at the Mondays from the 21st on. Unlike Thursdays, there are no important holidays on Mondays so that would mean there would be no lousy marathons that would cause us to wait an extra week. So we would get a new episode each Monday until the TDWT finale. Assuming that season 3 will have 26 episodes like the previous seasons, the finale would take place on December 13th. This would take place the week before Christmas and all of CN's crappy Christmas special marathons. I realize that all of this sounds confusing and I wish I could explained this a lot easier. However, all of this is true. If u do not believe me check your calendar. Still though this is all just a guess but I think Im right. Im also sorry to the Canadian fanbase. I dont have any idea for you guys.

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