Ok seeing how neither I nor the rest of u r going to budge on this whole Fattie Gwen Im goin on to something else. As we approach the fourth quarter of TDA Im going to take a quick analysis on each of them and explain y I think each person should or shouldnt win. And before u ask yes these r biased towards Gwen,but again I find her attractive and I think what happened to her is horrible. Now moving on


She's great. Sure she has the intelligence of a banana but she has done well this season. I just wish she would b smart enough to realize that Justin is doing almost the exact same thing Heather did to her. Nevertheless she still is a great competitor and deserves to win. Plus, she gains bonus points for the Wonder Woman outfit.


Another great competitor. Beth may have shortest time on TDI out of all the TDA competitors after Justin, but she has really come out of her shell this season. Not much else I can say


Ok lets pretend Courtney and her fans arent destroying Gwen's reputation. She still doesnt deserve to win. Although she was unfairly eliminated in TDI. She didnt qualify for TDA fair and square. She's nothing more than a sore loser. Thanks to her lawyers not only did she get an unfair advantage by entering halfway through the competition. She has been given access to PDAs, her own toilet and lobster. Anyone who uses lawyers to gain unfair advantages does not deserve to win.


Aw Duncan the last man standing of TDI's Final 5. On that note. For those of you people that think Gwen shoulda left early because she got so far in TDI y is Duncan still in? On that note y did it take a while to eliminate Owen, Heather and Leshawna? Anyway no him neither. Some people blame Owen for the end of Gwent, some people blame Justin, and although Justin didnt help and I hope he gets whats coming to him the real person to blame is him. I use to respect him but no more. If he never got so close to Gwen, Trent woulda never gotten jealous, went crazy or threw challenges. Plus lets not forget who gave G-Girl the idea that Trent's 9 obsession involved her. I almost hope Courtney breaks up with him. Lets c how he likes being alone and miserable.


Moving on. Harold already gains automatic points being Duncan and Courtney's archnemesis and for his awesome beatboxing. Plus Im a lot like him excluding the Napoleon Dynamite way of talking and the Sir-Mix-A-Lot obsession for fat chicks. Tru she did vote Gwen off by I cant blame him for that. She did hit him with a shovel. Im giving him a freebie on that one. Leshawna and Heather now those two r completely different stories.


Four words: He ruined Gwen's life. Case Closed

Im fully open to rebuttal on this.

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