I just wanted to thank all of the people who commented on my "One of TDI's Biggest Mysteries Solved" blog. Because of all your "Ews" and "interestings" (Gwen12 your comment was my personal fave) on Wednesday my blog had 21 editors making it have the second highest number of editors over the last three days(Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) trailing only behind the talk page to Rock n' Rule. Hopefully I will do the same thing for TDA at one point. Since Owen wasnt in every episode it isnt going to be as high as before but it will be interesting to find out. I would do now however I kinda made a vow to myself after The Chefshank Redemption that I wouldnt watch any new episodes of TDA (excluding Aftermaths) until either I had good evidence Gwen and Trent were getting back together (maybe its just me but it isnt looking to good imo) or until the season finale, whichever came first. Yeah srry about that folks but keep an eye out this December for that one. Anyway once again thanks everyone and Happy Halloween. Go out there and turn your teeth into a disaster area.

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