Well RR is over and its safe to assume for everyone (well everyone but one DA butthole) that it was a success. But I just wanted to give my opinions on the overall season and what was, well the title is self explanatory.

The Horrible

Virtually No Karma for the Ice Dancers: If there's one thing weve learned from watching Total Drama is that if you make to the end by devious means, not only will you likely lose but you're going to get something else. This was not the case. The Ice Dancers had something coming to them for a long time. Especially after what Josse did to MacArthur in the previous episode. The big karma they got: Josse accidentally dropped a hot dog cart on their heads. Which really did nothing given that they were fine two seconds later and were still being complete tools. After the karma they've given to Heather, Alejandro, and Scott. You're telling me they honestly couldn't come up with something better?

The Cameos: We had Anne Marie and B walking around New York that's it. I get it would be a little random seeing Leshawna, Lightning, Izzy or anyone else in Dubai or Paris. (Ok maybe Izzy being somewhere else wouldn't be that random but you get my point) Still we had the locale, the boyfriend and the available VA. You couldn't at least make Bridgette a travel tip giver in Australia?

The Weekday Schedule: In the Spring of 09 CN was actually went so far in hyping TDA's CN premiere that even aired commercials during movie previews. RR premiere date was discovered two weeks prior and for the first two weeks it aired at 5 in the afternoon and that's not even getting into the website uploads. This just proves how little consideration CN has now for TD. Sure it's nice to see the show right away, but we all now that this site going to drop to comatose level by the end of the month. Plus if the rumors are true and nothing TD related is coming until 2017, then we have absolutely nothing to keep us occupied for a year and a half. Really if someone has a suggestion on what can keep me occupied until then I'm all ears, cause I've got nothin.

The Meh

The Relationships: The relationships of TD have always been the source of great praise and utter chaos amongst the fandom. RR pairings were pretty hit and miss. The D/Haters make Duncey look like BridGeoff and Carrie and Devin despite being a one of the "main couples" haven't exactly been a pair weve all been rooting for. Only two pairings have really any substance. The goths, who unless you had as much knowledge as we do may not have even realized were a couple until Ennui said so in Finland, and Nemma, which really seemed to change Noah from the snarky cynic we used to know and love to someone so lovestruck that Owen was actually becoming the voice of reason of the team. I still partly think this was to end the whole NoCo thing. Will say this though it's a lot better than some of the other relationships I've seen Noah written into. (I'm looking at you Kobold!)

Interactions: Until near the end of the season there wasn't really many good interactions outside of teammates. It's understandable if you really think about it. Between it being a bunch of two person teams and not two big teams and trying to out race the others it make sense that the teams didn't have time to interact with one another. Still I feel the writers could've had them interact more at chill zones, on planes or at airports more often. Heck have team members interact while waiting for their partner to finish the Botch or Watches.

The Toilet Humor: It's expected at this point. If you see Ella you expect singing. If you see Mike and Zoey you expect the fanbase to go on a rampage causing the fans who actually do like them to fear for their life for liking them. And if you see Owen you expect toilet humor. Personally I'm fine if they make the occasional poop or fart joke but I can understand why people don't like it.

The Surfers Victory: This one is going to be extremely subjective, but a return team shouldn't win imo. Yes Geoff and Brody are great, yes had they not been eliminated they would've deserved it, but they were eliminated fair and square. I am still pretty adamant about my opinions on a returning player or team winning. Even if Gwen were to return and make it the final of the season I wouldn't root for her. So that should tell you something. Hopefully an alternate ending with the cadets winning will be made available and if so this little annoyance can easily be remedied but until then, this goes here.

The Awesome

The Teams: Aside from the Larpers and D/Haters, I found no teams I flat out loathed. A 32 out of a 36 record (34 out of 38 if you count Loki and Don) is pretty good imo. The goths were my favorite, but other notable newcomers include, the vegans, bloggers, rockers, Dwaynes, surfers, sisters, ice dancers and cadets. Geoff and Noah made the most out of their return to action and even Owen wasn't completely annoying for once. Taylor also get's a "I'd totally hit that" nod.

The Eliminations: No catapult, no giant toilet, no cannon. Just the teams walking into the sunset reflecting on their time. Most of the teams weren't screwed over and all the teams got to leave with dignity. Most of the teams usually went at the right, yet despite that they still managed to shock us a few times. Honestly how many expected a team where one teammate was in a key relationship and the other one was Owen to only get eighth? I wasn't.

Consistently Good Quality: Also subjective, but when it comes to the overall quality of a season, TDI is the only one that was good throughout the entire season. None of the other seasons were able to do that until now. Even the "worst" episodes of RR were about a 6 or 7. Good moments, good lines, good characters.

Thanks for reading! Remember to comment!

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