Now not only is Gwen and Trent over, Duncan and Courtney are through too. Ok granted I wasn't as devoted to DxC as GxT and I'm not the biggest Courtney fan on the planet, but still they were the only couple left. I don't mean to offend Jose or any other DxG fans but honestly I don't want Gwen and Duncan to be a couple. The fact that Duncan and Courtney were still together (albeit barely together) was the only thing that prevented GxD from being a reality and now that Courtney has officially ended it well it looks like u DxG fans will actually get what you want hurting fans of GxT (as well as DxC) in the process. Although I would like to point out that there are far more DXC and GxT fans than DxG fans.

P.S. Freehugs and Jose plz dont let this lead into another argument about bran muffins and whether or not Gwen shoulda told Trent to stop like with my last blog.

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