It seems that rankings of the characters has become all the rage lately. So seeing as how I'm usually one to get into trends quickly I thought I'd do my own. Before I start some notes.

1. Yes #1 is going to be who you think it is but hey that isn't stopping DuncanFan.

2. I am not counting Blaineley as a competitor. In my books a thirty some year old w**** who was only shoehorned into WT cause he PO'ed Geoff doesn't count. I consider Mr. Coconut as more of TD competitor than I do her but if I had to rank her it'd probably be dead last for the above reasons.

3. This one is going to be very controversial, as shocking as it may, seem I like Mike and Zoey and they are going to be high up and someone very well liked is going to be pretty low in fact I'm actually afraid to tell you who it is. So I implore you no flames.

51. Duncan


It's really not shouldn't be surprising that he's on the bottom, this guy is absolute scum. He's destroyed relationships and friendships, he bullies Harold for no reason other than he's a nerd, he's went to far to many times, he's undeservedly won TDA, oh and of course he's an a-hole. He's a major reason Gwen's name was dragged through the mud. Yes Gwen's at fault too but we all know Duncan was the biggest one at fault here. The fact that he swapped teams with Courtney over Gwen still enrages me. Gwen and Courtney's placement is debatable but Duncan is certainly no hero. I was so glad to see him get arrested and I hope he has a fun time in the shower if you know what I mean.

50. Courtney


I was fine with Courtney when she started. I didn't care for her, but I didn't hate her. But after her infamous TDI elimination began her descent into insanity. Losing the million that she believed that was destined to be hers, her greed overtook her common sense giving us the Courtney we have today. I didn't really care to much about what was going on in TDA because, between the Gwent breakup and eliminations, the season was pretty much dead to me after Chefshank. But after Greece's Pieces aired and the fan war began my hatred towards her hit it's peak. Intentionally throwing challenges, a song that was just Gwen slander and undeservedly surviving the Australian elimination made me disgusted in her. When they made up in Suckers Punched I still didn't trust her, and I was right. You can call bad writing but my gut told me that she would stab her in the back. Do I believe she was sincere in forgiving Gwen and wanting to be friends? Surprisingly yes. However, deep down I knew in the end she would choose money over friends and relationships as she still believes she was robbed. I wouldn't be surprised if she became an Orange Lantern one day. I will give her some credit though she does have a great ass though.

49. Staci


When Christlover made his list and put her at 27th I was legitimately surprised. Almost every character has a share of fans but I have yet to meet a person until then who didn't put her in his or her bottom 5 until then. I do have to give Fresh credit when it came to thinking her up. The whole point of her was to eliminate someone that no one would give a crap about if she left first and they succeeded. I didn't give a crap that she left first and I hope she never returns unless her mouth is sewn shut.

48. Ezekiel


Zeke has a fairly interesting cult-like fanbase which includes pioneering TD fanfic writer KoboldNecromancer (do you know in his story he actually paired him with Heather of all people? I'm not joking.) but I'm not one of them. Like Courtney I didn't hate him coming in but I did after World Tour. People may hate what happened to him and wish he would revert to normal, but to me he brought what happened on himself. At least when Courtney was eliminated she never swam back to Wawanakwa, but he couldn't accept the fact that he lost fair and square and resorted to living in a cargo hold just for the remote possibility he could get the money. (I guess technically he did succeed in doing so though) I really have no sympathy towards Zeke. Had he accepted his loss like a man he wouldn't be down here, but his persistence to the point that he would become feral has put him down here.

47. Scott


He can run across bridges screaming like a banshee all he wants, but to me he will always remain the guy that screwed Dawn over. He's the reason she lost and by translation why were likely never going to see her again. I don't even understand why so many people believe those two could be a plausible relationship. You use that logic you might as well count Bridgette and Alejandro or Harold and Courtney as possible pairings. I actually root for Fang in their rivalry.

46. Justin


He may have been a lousy antagonist in TDA, but I still firmly believe had it not been for him exploiting the situation, Gwen and Trent would've been able to work pass the problems they were having, and been able to reconcile. Seriously how is that Trent and Justin are able to be bandmates when he's one of the main reasons the best relationship he may have ever had remained dead and buried? I have never forgiven Justin for that nor for screwing Gwen over in TDA add to fact that the lazy f uses his looks to get women (and Owen) to do his dirty work and and you have my most hated character after season 2 ended. He's just lucky other guys have done stuff to sink below him since then.

45. Lightning


The fact that this guy only won in one country (although the fact that it's the US is baffling)) really should be a clue as to the overall opinion of Lightning. The most egotistical think you can do is refer to yourself in the third person. And he's a complete moron, and not the cute kind of dumb that Lindsay has. Why this guy made it to the finale while far more deserving characters were didn't even reach the merge is baffling.

44. Topher


And we finally reach the first of the latest group (which I suppose speaks volumes about them as a whole) and unsurprisingly it's Chris's kiss ass. How the hell this guy lasted as long as he did, especially since he only came on the show to take Chris's job is another think that is baffling. I have grown to respect Chris as a villain, but I am not going to do the same to a younger version of him that also strokes his ego.

43. Ella


Oh my god I'm going to be hated now. Yes while I like "bland" Zoey and "offensive" Mike, Ella, quite disputably the most liked TDPI character is my second most hated amongst them. This is why I've been dreading doing this. Let me explain, I am 26 year old male who wears black t-shirts, listens to Linkin Park and considers the Undertaker as my personal hero. So when it comes to females you could probably understand that women who kick ass are generally my preferred choice. Any Disney princess whether it be Snow White, Cinderella, or any of the others are the type of female I loathe. So with that in mind, do you expect me to someone who is essentially all of them rolled into one? That and I apparently share Chris's hatred for impromptu singing numbers. Whenever I hear her sing the I remember the words of the great Chris Jericho, "Would you please, SHUT THE HELL UP!" Essentially Ella is everything I despise in a fictional character. The only reason she's not lower is she is not a jerk.

42. Sugar


And we are now quickly leaving the group that I despise and moving into the group I despise yet tolerate. Believe me though Sugar's on the fence and probably would be on the despise group if she didn't eliminate Ella. What we have here is essentially a female b****y Owen. And while Owen niceness has some redeeming qualities there are none with her.

41. Anne Maria


Quick question. If Snooki is essentially the most hated person in reality TV history is it expected that her animated counterpart to be liked? I didn't think so. The woman cares more about making sure that hair-met and paint job of hers stays in tact then anything and much like Sugar she's a b****. Thank goodness Mike and Vito came to an understanding cause I don't think anyone whether they like Mike or not wanted to see those two pair up.

40. Leonard


The thing is if he wasn't deluded enough to believe he was an actual wizard he wouldn't have been nearly asbad. He would've still likely have been early cannon fodder but he would've been bearable until then. Unfortunately for him and for us he was deluded enough to believe he could levitate a pig over a fence and we ended up with this guy. And fortunately for us he left early.

39. Rodney


Rodney's shtick got old VERY fast. If I were the writers I would've chucked him out before Amy just to extend the twin storyline. Could you imagine how unbearable he would've been if he was around during TDI? Twice the girls and twice the incoherent babbling and deluded love.

38./37. Katie/Sadie


Like most people I group these two together because the only difference between this symbiotic duo is 200 lbs (or I guess 90 kgs since this is Canada were talking about). There two of the only three amongst the original 22 not compete in another season and for kinda a good reason. If you bring 'em in you're eventually gonna have to split them apart. And as we saw with Sadie in TDI she doesn't become particularly noteworthy being completely silent for three of the five episodes she was around with Katie. The same problem pretty much would occur if they return, their heavy reliance on one another makes it near impossible to work with. I will admit though, I did think their reunion after Sadie's elimination one of the most underrated touching moments in TD.

36. Dave


Dave self-destructive obsession with Sky really hindered him. He was quickly approaching Sierra level and without the humor of it too. Personally I was surprised he was the hair victim of the season, I honestly expected Sugar to be the one who would end up being bald.

35. Beardo


I should point out that there is a huge gap between the top 35 and Dave. I guess that speaks wonders about the characters Fresh Tv make. We either like them or want to push them off a cliff. Very little gray area. Anyway moving on, I personally thought Beardo was a fun character for the one episode we had him. I will admit had he lasted three or four episodes he would've gotten really old really fast. However, he managed to leave early so we didn't get annoyed to much by him.

34. B(everly)


Personally if Dawn were to get with someone from Roti I much prefer the idea of B over Scott. Yeah B may not have the most in depth and thought out character given he had no lines and is just DJ in a previous lifeform but I still liked him. Given that there is almost nothing to work with it's likely he'll not be seen again unless they need to save money on the VA budget.

33. Jo


The main problem with Jo is we already have a Jo, Eva. Honestly people were talking about how much Zoey and Sky are alike, but other than less muscle tone and no unibrow how different is Jo from Eva? And seriously could someone explain to me what was with the obsession over her sweatpants?

32. Cameron


I may like Mike and Zoey but as for Cameron he's "meh" to me. Now between him and Lightning I would choose Cam no question, but yeah I don't see why he ended up winning. BTW while I will admit he should've been eliminated earlier in All-Stars, but don't blame McDonald for that the higher ups make the decisions on elimination order and fake-outs he just puts in together. Cameron would've dodged elimination regardless of who wrote it.

31. Owen


I'm pretty sure most of the hate towards the big guy stems from his how often we've seen him. If Owen's screentime was cut in half he wouldn't be nearly as hated as he is. That unfortunately does hurt his overall rating, and of course his pointless return to TDA still remains one of the most hated decisions in TD history. I do agree with Unknownfan however that his relationship with Izzy was one of the most underrated TD pairings to take place. (his belief that a pairing as unholy as DunGwen is better than Gwent, on the other hand, is total bull) I always thought those two were cute together, you know in a weird and crazy way.

30. Eva


Starting out the top 30 is the original Amazon of TD. Unlike her fellow TDI one season wonders, Katie and Sadie, Eva has a lot more potential as a character and if she ever were to return I wouldn't be surprised if she moved up the list. However I think were approaching the point in TD where she's been gone from TD for so long that putting her in would just burn a spot for someone else more deserving.

29. Leshawna


Most people who put her low did so because of her fake crying stint in TDA. However, I never watched TDA after being outraged by Chefshank so I didn't give a crap what she did. But that nicely transitions me in to why she's not higher. Shovel smack or not, I have never forgiven her for siding against her best friend in favor of their biggest enemy. She at least owed her a chance to explain, but instead she just voted her off without even so much as an I'm sorry. I don't forgive and forget easily and to me she will always remain as the girl who stabbed her best friend in the back.

28. DJ


There are some characters who are just impossible to hate. DJ is one of them. The only reason he's probably not more popular than he is is because he has never done anything big to make him stand out. In both TDA and TDWT he had to given his own personal storyline just to stay relevant. That's really the only thing holding him back.

27. Sierra


The TD fanbase is pretty loyal, we always scan the net for news and stay on the wiki no matter how much a season p*ssed us off (coughFireEatercough). Sierra is what you get when you roll all the fanbase into one and amplify our feelings towards Cody a thousand fold. While I admit she shouldn't have stayed as long as she did in both WT and AS, she's still cool with me.

26. Dakota


Just like Zeke, I feel Dakota couldn't accept the fact that she was done (albeit for a completely different reason from Zeke) and just like Zeke it ended up biting her in her now giant orange butt. Seriously if there is one thing we've learned from 100+ episodes of TD is that the only thing more dangerous than being a contestant on TD, is being an intern on TD. Unlike Zeke however I do sympathize with what happened to her (although she seems pretty fine with what happened to her) but in all honesty I was more p*ssed off by Gwen's so-called "cameo" than her mutation in that episode. Anyone noticing a pattern here?

25. Geoff


While not as popular as his girlfriend, Geoff is still generally liked amongst the classic cast. He did alienate his fanbase quite a bit when fame went to his head, but I personally think he's made up for that. Yes we can b**** all we want about his makeout sessions but to be frank I think they got over that phase (or at least scaled it down a lot) over the course of WT.

24. Beth


Out of all the finalists, Beth is the odd girl out. Despite that she deserved to beat Duncan no question and would've had it not been for his popularity (which we all know has taken a nosedive soon after). You know other than that I really have nothing big to say on her. So uhhh.... yeah moving on.

23. Tyler


Just like Geoff, Tyler's isn't close to being as popular as Lindsay, who remembers this guy, which doesn't seem be a problem anymore, they actually have a pretty cute relationship. He may the athleticism of one legged fat-guy with scholiosis but you have to at least give him an A effort.

22. Harold


The whole Napoleon Dynamite craze seemed to die out shortly after Harold came to be, but that didn't make him less of a great character. Maybe it's because we share common enemies but this guy is good in my books. It should've came down to him and Lindsay in TDA and the fact that it wasn't is horrible. Not Gwent breakup horrible but horrible.

21. Alejandro


If you looked at the beginning of list you may have notice a trend where I hate a**holes. But not all of them are guys I want to push off a cliff. Alejandro was an amazing antagonist in World Tour. The only reason he missed the top 20 was because of the WT finale. Most people say it was the best one but to me it was the worst after TDA. I don't know what world everyone lives in, but in the world of fiction the bad guy should NEVER get the big win. The fact that he won pretty much means he technically got away with everything he did. You can sugarcoat what happened to him as karma, but seeing as how he's completely fine and has Heather now that's really a moot point. Nevertheless he was a villain I respected and that's why I place him here.

20. Amy


Finally reached the top 20 and we start it off with this b****. Why do I have her so far up? Because of how she treated Samey. Think about it, had Samey been the only one who made it to TD like she hoped would she have been as compelling as a character as she was? It was Amy's treatment towards Samey that made her such a sympathetic person that you wanted to see defeat her sister. It's like Batman without Joker. Sure it would be a better place but it wouldn't be as satisfying.

19. Trent


Let's just get this out of the way, alright? Yes, the primary reason Trent is up here is because of his relationship with Gwen. Yes, I realize other than that he doesn't have anything else, and that's why he isn't higher. Why they didn't have him comeback as he deserves to kick Duncan's ass more than anyone, and, even if they don't get back together, I want him and Gwen to finally talk so they can clear the air between them and finally have closure.

18. Sam


I'm a near twenty year gaming vet. I remember Sega and Nintendo were at each other's throat, Sony when they were only on the PS1 and Crash Bandicoot was on said PS1 and have games that were actually not crap (seriously if you have a PS3 and never played them I strongly urge you to download all three games and CTR of the PSN, you get to see Naughty Dog's early days and you get four really great games). So I admit as a fellow gamer I have a soft spot for Sam that earned him a high spot. I will admit that he didn't deserve to be in AS though.

17. Sky


When I first saw Sky pre-TDPI I originally thought she would be my second fave amongst the group (first will be getting to soon enough) and while she ended up being sixth amongst the third gen, It's only because so many of them turned out to be great. I don't blame her for what happened between her and Dave; other than kissing him to knock some sense into him, she did everything right. She was clearly planning to end things with Keith to try to be with Dave after the season was done, and she tried to tell him she had a boyfriend. She did everything she could to the best of her ability. Also this is unrelated I know, but I have to give her a hand for the belch storms she can produce.

16. Brick


Ok while get that Sam was chosen over Anne Maria and Dakota for AS because they needed a male ROTI to even the ratio of guys to girls and gen one to gen two contestants at 7:7 each that still doesn't explain why he was chosen over Brick. This is the guy that should've been in the final AS spot, and this is a guy who should've at least made it to the final 5 in ROTI.

15. Scarlett


This woman is imo the biggest villain in TD history. I mean look what she did in just the one episode she performed six charges of attempted murder for a million dollar ransom. Even Heather and Alejandro wouldn't resort to that degree. Admittingly, Courtney came close, but she only had four attempted murders. Had she went to this degree in the entire episode who knows what she would've done.

14. Mike


And now we move to most controversial character. First of all I should point this out, TD is edgier than most cartoons. This is a show that, in it's first season, had swearing and nudity. So if the show's overall tone is edgy why shouldn't their be edgier characters? I will admit Mal didn't pan out like everyone hoped he would, and the whole reset button thing I didn't like but only because we didn't get an epic final confrontation between Mal and Mike. I should also point out despite your opinion on the button. You overlook that no more MPD (it's called MPD on the show I'm calling it MPD deal with it) no more controversy. Yes I know that doesn't work in real life. But what was Fresh suppose to do, have Mike pop pills at the start of each episode? Yeah that's way better to show to kids than someone who is just swapping personas, someone who is taking meds.

13. Bridgette


It's funny most of you were probably being entertained by Kristin when you were young and she was voicing Little Bear and now she's entertaining you as a teen voicing Bridgette. Funny how the world works huh? I've already pointed out that the fanbase generally prefers Bridge over Geoff and I'm no exception. Her "usefulness" has been severely downgraded ever since she and Geoff were demoted to Aftermath hosts, even impacting her time in World Tour to being only added so she could be one of Alejandro sacrificial pawns but her time in TDI and her relationship still makes her place high. To bad she ain't coming to RR.

12. Zoey


I really get disgusted by all the comments towards Zoey. Seriously I get if you don't like her but, can't we go one week without talking about how much you want her dead? The whole "godplaying" I get but being bland? She just doesn't do anything that makes her more realistic. Do you know anyone that reads auras or sings with wild animals? Do you know anyone who act like Zoey? I can at least somewhat understand Mike but Zoey?

11. Max


Max's persona made him one of those characters you either love or hate. Obviously, I'm in the former. His failed attempts at E-vil (did anyone get that was supposed to be pronounced the way he said it?) and additional antics made him a great comedy relief during TDPI and one of the most humorous characters in TD. Plus, we should really thank him. Had he not annoyed Scarlett, she wouldn't have been pushed beyond the brink of insanity.

10. Noah


It wasn't until around the Celebrity Manhunt episode that I took a liking to Noah. Until then I thought he was nothing but a lazy jerk who thought challenges were beneath his intellect. But he changed and well his likability skyrocketed. It wasn't a coincidence that WT plummeted in appeal after he left, albeit it was mostly because of "you know what" and "you know who's" return but Noah's elimination didn't help matters.

9. Samey


It's really amazing how just seventeen minutes and a beauty mark can make one person so different from another. Samey, Sammy call her what you want, she was an amazing character. The way she went from being her sister's b****/punching bag to a girl with a backbone to stick up for herself was one of the biggest character transformations that didn't involve mutation in the show's history. I sincerely hope both she and Amy to return, so Samey can finally get a true victory over her and prove to Amy, everyone and most importantly herself that she is not the inferior twin.

8. Izzy


The way I see it there are do kinds of insanity. There's the evil insanity where you want run for the hills for your own safety, (e.g. Joker, Scarlett) and there's the fun insanity that makes one be so random (e.g. Pinkie Pie, Deadpool). Izzy is a perfect example of the latter and it is why we love her.

7. Heather


With so many people being so low due to being jerks and affecting Gwen's gameplay, you may be somewhat surprised that Gwen's biggest enemy is ranked so high. Admittingly, while she used to be lower when I first got into TD, I have grown to respect her as a rival and a competitor as time progressed. At least I know she wouldn't stoop as low to throw a challenge for the sole purpose of eliminating someone like another Amazon team member I know.

6. Cody


If you asked me, Cody was the one that should've won World Tour. Sure he didn't win many challenges but neither did Owen and I don't hear many gripes about him winning TDI (other than the whole favoritism stuff). There's just something about him that I like about his constant attempts to appeal to the ladies and belief that he's a babe magnet (even though he ironically will one day file a restraining order on the one girl who does want to be with him). And yes part of the reason is also because he slugged Duncan, but be honest who didn't like seeing that?

To be continued...

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