Yeah Duncan won whoo-hoo. Can we change the subject for two seconds here? I have a feeling I may get banned for life soon. So Im gonna make this quick. I dont give a crap about what happened I dont care Duncan beat Beth (we all knew it was gonna happen) and I dont care that Brady is real. If u haven't been listening to my previous blogs or have the intelegence of Lindsay. I only cared about this finale for one reason and one reason only. Knowing whether or not Gwen and Trent would get bak together. Needless to say that didn't happen. Our final chance for Gwen and Trent to reunite(before u say theyll get bak together in TDM keep in mind Trent isn't competing in it) and it didn't happen. One of the greatest couples is dead for good. I hope ur happy Jose! That non-anticlimactic reunion u didn't want to occur didn't occur. I have a feeling this blog is going to T.O. Jose so if this is my final blog I just want to say good bye.

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